Service with Honor - Black Hawk Down Colonel Danny McKnight

Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam Air Force Base Hawaii - This coming week purple heart recipient US Army Ranger Commander Colonel Danny McKnight, retired will be visiting members of the Air Force and Marine Corps as part of American300's on going effort to boost resiliency amongst Service Members. 

McKnight who is best known for his role in leading ground forces during the famed 'Battle of Mogadishu' aka 'Black Hawk Down' will be visiting Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Hickam Air Force Base spending time with units that American300 has been working with for several years. 

This video was created in 2012 when McKnight was on another 'American300 Service with Honor Tour' to Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, LA.   Hosting the visit will be American300 mentors Colonel John Bates, USMC retired who along with McKnight is a multi-time purple heart recipient and Robi Powers, founder of American300. 

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