American300 - Border to Border with resiliency messages in August

Across the United States -  This week American300 is bringing mentors to border bases in Texas and North Dakota with visits scheduled for Maine and Florida as well. 

Kicking our Service with Honor - Never Quit Series week off in Texas will be Olympian Alex Diebold, who won bronze at the Sochi Winter Games in snowboarding.  Alex will be joined by Kyle Hildebrand, a professional musician who serves as a youth pastor in California, in addition to launching his latest musical effort ‘Whisper Mill’ alongside Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Brad Fite, who also volunteers for American300.  The combination of Music and Olympic Medals will be visiting US Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi Service Members stationed in the Brownsville, Texas area. 

Starting Monday, the world’s first amputee to summit Mount Everest heads to Minot Air Force Base where he’ll be joined by Army Purple Heart recipient and fellow high altitude climber Benjamin Breckheimer in sharing life stories with our Airmen of the 91st Missile Wing and 5th Bomb Wing of Air Force Global Strike Command. 

Half way across the country, Major General Edward Mechenbier, USAF ret. heads to US Coast Guard Sector Southwest Harbor to share his amazing 44 plus year Air Force career which included nearly 6 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. 

The week wraps up with Colonel Danny McKnight, of US Army Ranger legend, sharing his personal perspectives on a nearly 30 year career in the Army which included leading ground forces during Task Force Ranger, known internationally due to the major motion picture movie ‘Black Hawk Down’.   McKnight will be speaking with 2-124th Infantrymen and their families as a result of American300 ties to the unit while deployed to Africa this past year. 

Hosting duties will be split between Gretchen and Robi Powers this week with the two providing plenty of images and even a video or two while out on the road… ( facebook - American300 Tours ) 

American300 Never Quit Series programming is part of an overall effort by the nonprofit to support the Department of Defense’s comprehensive wellness and resiliency initiatives.   The nonprofit conducts over 30 resiliency guest tours per year worldwide. 

For more on American300 programming visit:  www.American300.or

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