Youth Development - focus of new Olympic sport in El Salvador

El Salvador - After years of working with the El Salvador Olympic Committee’s family of sport, American300 ONETEAM programming with support from the Colgan Foundation have agreed to focus support on El Salvador’s Rugby Federation and a program called “ESA Youth Rugby Project 2020.” 

Currently, there is no comprehensive youth rugby program in the country and the goal of ‘Project 2020’ is to see participation grow from zero to over a thousand in the next 4 years. 

“There’s only so much Eduardo Palomo, president of the ESA Olympic Committee and his organization can do to support the full array of Olympic sanctioned sports throughout the country,” says Rob Powers, founder of American300, adding “ Our goal is to support the ESA Olympic Committee’s efforts by focusing on this amazing opportunity to grow a new Olympic sport.” 

Working with Daniel Olano, president of the El Salvador Rugby Federation, American300 ONETEAM programming will focus on youth development.  “Daniel has a vision and it is centered on youth programming in mass, which imatches our programs goals completely.” says Daniel Beery, Olympic gold medalist and American300 ONETEAM sports ambassador. 

This coming week, Olano along with newly hired development manager Felipe Flores, a long time Olympic Committee staff member who resigned from the Olympic Committee in February, will be hosting Powers and Beery. “ We have meetings scheduled with the Mayors of: Santa Tecla, San Pedro Masahuat, San Miguel and San Jose Guayabal, in what will serve as an official launch to the program as these cities have agreed to work with ESA Rugby in developing youth programming.” says Felipe Flores.  

“We’re incredibly grateful to both the ESA Olympic Committee and ESA Rugby for the continued work they do providing sports opportunity to the youth of El Salvador,” says Beery, “on any given day athletic fields across El Salvador are packed with soccer players, our goal is to encourage a whole new group of youth to join these players on the field of play with this new Olympic sports offering.” he added. 

For more information on American300 ONETEAM programming visit: 

Photographers Focus on Service Members

Southwest Harbor, Maine - American300 returns to New England and our United States Coast Guard with the first of a new programming initiative involving professional photography this week. 

“We’re always looking for ways to connect with service members and the Coast Guard has had this amazing nationwide photo contest called ‘Shutter Shootout’ in place for years,” says Gretchen Powers, a professional photographer and volunteer tour leader for American300, “I saw an opportunity to round up my colleagues from across the country and ask them to volunteer to share their tricks of the trade with our service members.” 

Aside from the obvious benefits of having professional photographers share their subject matter expertise, American300 is excited to expose these professionals to the day in day out role that our Coast Guard and other branches of service perform for our country. 

“Whether it be with a mobile phone or dedicated camera, photography is just one of those activities that nearly everyone has access to and with a tiny bit of instruction there’s a wide array of positive growth that can come from taking pictures that truly capture a moment in time… it’s an art form and seeing individuals improve at it is rewarding for everyone involved.” says Powers. 

For this first workshop, Powers has enlisted the help of fellow New England based professional photographers: Cam Held and Christine Reighley.  With a morning spent focused on giving the photographers a taste of Coast Guard life and afternoon spent having the professionals share and instruct the hope is to provide the Coasties with the tools to take better photos while on adventures with their family and friends while encouraging them to get out and explore their surroundings says the team. 

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American300 is a 501c3 all volunteer nonprofit which is focused on supporting our Department of Defense and Homeland Security Service Members with innovative programming which fosters positive growth and resilient mindsets.  No federal endorsement of sponsors or nonprofit is ever intended or implied - 

Climbers Rally For Fellow Mentor

UPDATE:  Benjamin along with mentors and supporters reached the summit of Kilimanjaro on March 1, 2017 at 0722hrs! 

Tanzania Africa -  For experienced high altitude climbers, Mount Kilimanjaro isn’t considered a technical climb, but rather a bucket list summit.  Rising to a height of 19,340 feet above sea level the world’s tallest free standing mountain represents the roof of Africa and is a famed member of the 'seven summits' achievement for reaching the continentals tallest peaks. 

For medically retired US Army Staff Sergeant Benjamin Breckheimer, climbing became the driving force behind his recovery process after being blown up while on patrol in Afghanistan in 2009.   Only through incredible medical care was his right leg re-attached and circulation resorted.  Today, his right ankle is completely fused in a 90 degree ‘standing’ position but, has mobility in both legs, just don't ask him to run. 

“It's my oxygen, the reason I get up in the morning. When I’m not climbing or preparing for a major climb, my mind tends to wonder and right now that’s not a good thing.” says the 31 year old purple heart recipient who struggled with alcohol abuse and suicide during his darkest days of recovery.  

In 2014, Breckheimer traveled to Tanzania in hopes of collecting the first of his seven summit peaks - Mount Kilimanjaro, or ‘Kili’ as it is referred to within the climbing community. As fate would have it, he became sick on the flight over from the States and lasted 4 days on the mountain before succumbing to altitude sickness and retreat. 

Benjamin shares his story with Airmen in Germany
“Kili, is a killer for those who don’t respect her,” says Chris Klinke, a multiple Everest summit expedition leader. “It’s not a technical mountain, it’s a text book acclimatization ascent to do it in 5-7 days.”  The statistics speak for themselves: over 40 percent of the climbers attempting to summit the mountain succumb to high altitude sickness and retreat.

During the year following his failed attempt on Kili, Benjamin was afforded an opportunity to join an Everest expedition team, which also ended unexpectedly.  It was on Everest in the spring of 2015, that the Calvary Scout experienced the biggest scare of his life.  An avalanche tore through base camp killing 19 fellow climbers and just missed sweeping Benjamin away.  “Seeing that massive wall of snow coming right at me was more terrifying then seeing my leg dangling by a cord after the explosion in Afghanistan.”

This week Breckheimer returns to Kilimanjaro with a crew of supporters from the nonprofit organization American300.  “I had the opportunity to travel with Benjamin on a overseas military mentoring tour last November and watched him connect with fellow service members in an incredibly powerful way,” says Eric Meyer, MD, who also has multiple Everest summits and volunteers as a military mentor with American300.  “When we heard that Kili had kicked Ben’s butt, a group of us decided to help him give it another go.”

“We constantly place individuals like Benjamin with deployed troops to allow for personal resiliency stories to be shared,” says Rob Powers, founder of the military mentoring program.  “For Benjamin it’s mountains, for others it’s something else maybe.  The point is, we all need something that drives us from within and seek the true fun that life has to offer if we just don’t quit.” 

American300 has enlisted the support of fellow mentors and supporters to ensure that Benjamin doesn’t go it alone. Climbing alongside both his Kilimanjaro and Everest attempts will be Chhiring Dorje Sherpa, a world renowned Everest expedition leader and long time American300 military mentor along with Dr. Meyer, Dr. Bryan Scheer and others. 

“We’re incredibly honored to support Benjamin’s return to Kilimanjaro and Everest, he’s not only a great example of resiliency, he’s become a fantastic mentor,” says Ed Bell, president of the all volunteer effort American300 who along with Powers will be joining the climb. “Again it showed all of us the power our mentors have in effecting positive growth, not just with the troops they serve, but with each other - we couldn’t be prouder of the American300 team.” says Bell. 

Kilimanjaro isn’t the only mountain that American300 volunteers will be helping Benjamin 
climb this year, he will also be traveling to Nepal and Mount Everest. 

Follow along with Benjamin on his journey to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro and Mt. Everest here at for updates, photos and video. 

About American300 - 

The 501c3 nonprofit American300 supports our Department of Defense and Department of State with mentor programming designed to increase individual resiliency. Learn more at: 

Wounded Warrior Saved by Mountains

Whiteman Air Force Base -  Benjamin Breckheimer, joined the Army to save lives. Despite the countless lives that his surgical team managed to restore life to, the daily loss of life in Baghdad was taking its toll on his soul.

What happened as a result of his deployment to Iraq as a Army surgical assistant is the stuff movies are made of.  After a year of guts and gore, Sergeant Breckheimer, put in for a occupational re-assignment.  

If the story ended here, many would guess that he chose solace in a duty assignment that would place him far from the inescapable human destruction of war… the reality - Benjamin, chose to be closer to the front lines where his patients were receiving the injuries he dealt with on a daily basis in Iraq. 

Upon return from Iraq, the surgical assistant went back to advance training school as a Calvary Scout.   Not long after graduating from calvary advanced training he was deployed a second time to Asia, this time around to the eastern border of Afghanistan. 

“I got so burned out on always working on the after effects of terror,” says Breckheimer, adding “I knew that I needed to be up front fighting alongside these warriors that I was caring for.” 

Months and countless patrols into his re-deployment as a Cav Scout, Benjamin’s Stryker was struck by an I.E.D.  The explosion destroyed the Stryker and Breckheimer.

After years of warrior care and a successful limb re-attachment ( right leg ) Breckheimer was then dealt with another set back - divorce. 

Things weren’t going well in Benjamin’s life.  

One night while sitting in bed, Benjamin held a handgun in one hand while petting his dogs with the other.  In his mind it was time to throw in the towel, but the thought of killing himself with no one around to check on him revealed the reality that his dogs would probably end up eating him… sick thoughts for sick times. 

His dogs ended up saving his life that night.  He’d nearly thrown it ( blown it) away and in the days that followed that darkest of nights he became introspective. “I’d always been drawn to the magic of huge mountains and after looking at guys like Tom Whittaker ( first amputee/handicapped climber to summit Mount Everest) and wounded warriors who were climbing instead of quitting I decided to set my new life goal to join them. 

Breckheimer and Rob Powers, the founder of will be laying out their personal life stories with Airmen at Whiteman Air Force Base this week in hopes that by sharing, others may be able to better understand the ridiculous nature of allowing life’s darkest moments and thoughts to get in the way of it’s potential brightest memories.  “What I’ve been through is nothing unique, there are millions of warriors who have or will go through much of what rocked my world - I’m just hopeful that by sharing my story others will be better prepared to realize that they’re not alone, that life can offer so much if we just don’t quit.” says Breckheimer. 

Today, Benjamin, has climbed one of the world’s seven continental tallest peaks with a goal of summiting Kilimanjaro and Everest this year.   If successful he’ll be the third purple heart recipient to summit Everest. 

For more on American300 visit: 

American300 is a all volunteer 501c3 nonprofit with a mission of supporting the Department of Defense through military mentor programming.   The nonprofit also conducts sports diplomacy programming throughout the world.   

USA Diving Heads to Thule Air Base

BY USA DIVING -  JAN. 12, 2017

Olympic medalists Troy Dumais and Sam Dorman will travel to Thule Air Base in Greenland on Thursday, January 19 as part of USA Diving’s Dive Into Service program.

Dive Into Service is a leadership focused mentorship and relationship building program that partners USA Diving athletes with active military service members and veterans. USA Diving athletes will support and engage members of our military and will have the opportunity to learn leadership and team-building skills through sessions run by military leaders sharing their personal experiences defending our nation.  In turn, USA Diving athletes will share their stories of setting both individual and team goals to be the best in the world while representing Team USA. 

Dumais, a four-time Olympian and 2012 bronze medalist, will be making his second trip with the Dive Into Service program when he travels to Greenland. Dumais took part in the program’s launch on September 11, 2016, with a visit to the Air Force’s 21st Space Wing located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Dorman, a 2016 Olympic silver medalist, will be participating in his first Dive Into Service trip.

Thule Air Base, which reports to the 21st Space Wing, is the United States’ most remote military base. Located 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle, its mission is to provide early warning and defense of ballistic missile launches against the United States and Southern Canada to the North American Aerospace Defense Command and JCS Command Centers. The 12th Space Warning Squadron also detects and tracks polar orbiting satellites in support of operational space surveillance and space control missions.

USA Diving has partnered with American300 Tours, a not-for-profit organization that supports military service members and their families with mentor programming, to implement the Dive Into Service program.  Hosting the visit to Thule Air Base will be Olympic Gold Medalist and long time American300 mentor Dan Beery. 

American P.O.W. - 'Service with Honor'

Undisclosed Middle East -   Lieutenant Ed Mechenbier, had done everything he could to save his aircraft and the lives in it, but on the third “we’re not going to make it...” call from his backseat weapons officer, he made the decision to eject.

 There was no need to say it again...they were going in! 

Less then two seconds after his parachute deployed, the fighter pilot watched as his F4 Phantom slammed into the soil of north Vietnam. 

Mentors and Troops deployed in Southwest Asia are reunited once again as American300 partners with DoD Armed Forces Entertainment to present: ‘Service with Honor'... the story of Major General Edward Mechenbier, USAF retired. 

“There is very little that hasn't already been said to a service member who is on their 'um-teenth' deployment... they've seen and heard it all," says Army Veteran Robi Powers, founder of the nonprofit American300, adding, "but put a guy who went through six years of hell as a prisoner of war, who then came home to eventually become a two star General and troops ears and eyes perk up... the message is worthy and relevant." 

Aside from the opportunity for service members to get to personally know the retired General, they'll also be provided the opportunity to ask the biggest question of all: 'how'd you manage to get through all those years of torture and incarceration in north Vietnam'. 

After years of mentoring on bases throughout the United Sates with American300, this will be General Mechenbier's first trip overseas with the nonprofit.  The nonprofit believes in growth through a strategic nurturing approach.  “Not everyone is going to relate to every guest mentor we introduce to a unit,” says retired Army Ranger and purple heart recipient Jessie Stewart, who sits on the non-profit's advisory board, adding,  “When I was on my last deployment I didn’t want to be around folks who couldn’t relate, who hadn’t been there, I can relate completely to how our programming is received by Service Members... I was one of them, I met Robi and American300 the first time in the middle east and the effect was overwhelmingly positive."

Focused on sharing real world resiliency stories time and time again with the hopes that eventually every service member meets someone who ‘registers’ and can be 'related to' is one of the primary missions of American300.  The other is to give Service Members an opportunity to spend quality time with the various guest mentors.  “We work with leadership that allow our guests to slow down and develop relationships with our warriors,” says Powers.  

American300 is an all volunteer nonprofit which enlists the assistance of resiliency experts to help today’s military members be the best that they can be in service, relationships and friendships.  To date the nonprofit has visited over 500 bases worldwide in support of a comprehensive approach by the Department of Defense to offer up unique ways of approaching service life.  Previous visits to the middle east have featured world champion athletes, Olympic champions, wounded warriors and astronauts to name a few.   

For more on American300 visit: 

About Armed Forces Entertainment

Armed Forces Entertainment is the official Department of Defense agency for providing entertainment to U.S. military personnel serving overseas, with priority given to those in contingency operations and at remote and isolated locations. The Department of the Air Force is the executive agent of Armed Forces Entertainment. Founded in 1951, Armed Forces Entertainment brings a touch of home to more than 500,000 troops annually, embracing the best of Americana that stretches across all genres of entertainment. For more information visit ,  Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Cowboy Kicks Off World Championships By Visiting Troops

Nellis Air Force Base -  After twelve years of competing in professional rodeo's world championships, Trevor Knowles would be right in his mind to step away from the injury prone sport of bulldogging and focus his energies entirely on running the family farm.  Instead, the hall of fame high school wrestling star will be entering the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for the 13th time in the hopes that his steers run straight and his landings on top of them go in the right direction. 

Of all the professional rodeo sports, steer wrestling aka ‘bulldogging’ is one of the hardest on the body, not the steers, but the cowboys.  “Being raised on a farm and having a Vietnam veteran for a father definitely has made Trevor the man he is today,” says Jeff Chadwick, a director with Wrangler Corporation who recruited Trevor and many others to represent the companies ‘Wrangler National Patriot’ program years ago, he adds, “It wasn’t a hard sell, Trevor has been donating time and financial resources to local military charities ever since he started on his way to being a million dollar Cowboy."

As part of the Wrangler National Patriot program, professional cowboys, cowgirls and rodeo committees here at home are asked to volunteer time and energy to raise awareness and funds for our military charities.  

In 2009, Chadwick went one step farther by partnering with to connect his stable of professional athletes with our troops serving around the world.  Now 8 years later, Wrangler champions have shared their never quit winning attitudes and heart felt thanks with thousands of troops.  “Every year we take Wrangler Cowboys and Cowgirls out on the Department of Defense Armed Forces Entertainment Wrangler National Patriot Memorial Day Tour,” says Army Veteran Robi Powers, founder of American300 “while the focus has always been on saluting the service and ultimate sacrifices, it’s also become a resiliency sharing experience as troops come to understand the true nature of what it means to be a professional cowboy.” he added. 

This week, Trevor Knowles joins the likes of World Champion Hall of Fame Cowboys: John W. Jones Jr. and Rob Smets along with Annie Bianco and many others in taking time out for our Troops.   Trevor along with Chadwick and Powers will be visiting Nellis Air Force to meet Airmen and share their thanks along with resilient life stories. 

For more on American300 Military Mentor Programming visit: 

One Leg One Mountain - Everest

Tom Whittaker
US Armed Forces Bases Europe -  For most the thought of climbing the world’s tallest mountain is enough to give pause.  Not only is the task a super human endurance feat, but life threatening from the moment one arrives at base camp as was evident last year when nearly two dozen climbers died as an earthquake struck Nepal and ensuing avalanche slammed into the staging area.  

Over the next several weeks a group of renowned climbers will be traveling throughout: England, Kosovo and Germany sharing personal stories with US and Coalition Troops. The mission: showcase the possible in life - if we just don’t quit. 

Impossible was the term used to describe Tom Whittaker’s desire to climb Everest back in the 90’s, not because the mountain hadn’t been climbed or that he had chosen a unproven route, but because he was a one legged amputee. Up until his arrival at the summit of the world’s tallest peak, amputee’s and others with disabilities had been shunned from Everest and high altitude climbing altogether.  

Vasu Sojitra 
Today, Vasu Sojitra, plants both of his arm crutches outfitted with special crampons into the steep slope above him.  He lifts and hops upwards with his one leg to gain another 8-10 inches of elevation.  Half a day later, he stands on the summit of a rugged snow covered peak high in the Madison Range of Bozeman, Montana.  With a quick conversion he’s able to turn his outrigger crampon crutches into outrigger skis and together the two mini 'arm skis' combined with  one legged ski descend the 45 degree out of bounds mountain. Vasu, lost his right leg below the hip at age 9 the result of a rare disease. 

For US Army Staff Sergeant Benjamin Breckheimer, awakening from surgery to see that his right leg had been reattached was a bit of a shock.  Having spent the better part of his Army days in the medical community as a surgical assistant in Baghdad and beyond, he knew exactly how severely wounded he was after having switched military careers to Calvary Scout duties, the day that an IED exploded underneath him in Afghanistan,  

Staff Sergeant Benjiman Breckheimer - USA ret. 
Thanks to individuals like Tom and Vasu, Staff Sergeant Breckheimer, retired, is focused on climbing the world’s tallest mountains, fused right leg and all. “I went through some really really dark periods where I didn’t think I’d come out the other side,” says Breckheimer, who during his countless surgeries to repair his legs and other internals became deeply depressed and suicidal, he adds,“Then I see these guys doing all this amazing stuff with one leg and I look down to see both of mine still attached and working for the most part… there was no excuse, I just started dreaming about joining them in the mountains… it’s saved my life.” 

Delivering resilient messaging through unique mentors is the mission of all volunteer nonprofit American300 and they visit bases on a monthly basis all over the world.   Joining the three on this ‘Never Quit Series’ tour will be Everest expedition leader Chris Klinke and Everest expedition Physician Eric Meyer M.D. along with Gretchen Powers and her dad Robi Powers who founded the nonprofit effort back in 2006. 

“I’ve been to bases in Japan, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Africa and all over America and everywhere we go with Armed Forces Entertainment and American300 the Troops are so stoked to talk about what it’s like to be on top of the world,” says Doctor Meyer, adding, “The irony is that I've stood on top of the world twice, and feel like I’m on top of the world every time I get to be around our Troops.” 

About American300 - visit   

About Armed Forces Entertainment
Armed Forces Entertainment is the official Department of Defense agency for providing entertainment to U.S. military personnel serving overseas, with priority given to those in contingency operations and at remote and isolated locations. The Department of the Air Force is the executive agent of Armed Forces Entertainment. Founded in 1951, Armed Forces Entertainment brings a touch of home to more than 500,000 troops annually, embracing the best of Americana that stretches across all genres of entertainment. For more information visit ,  Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

USA Diving Dives Into Service

Troy Dumais - USA Diving
Colorado Springs, CO - USA Diving is proud to announce DIVE INTO SERVICE.  This new service program bringing veterans, active-duty and USA Diving athletes together, will launch September 11th in Colorado Springs, Colorado during a visit with the Air Force’s 21st Space Wing located at Peterson Air Force Base.  USA Diving, in conjunction with American300 Tours, will be coordinating this year-round two-way exchange program for USA Diving athletes, veterans and military service members stationed around the world.

DIVE INTO SERVICE is a mentorship and relationship building program that partners military service members with USA Diving athletes to share like experiences as representatives of the United States.  The commitment, training, high-intensity and pressure driven nature of military service and top-level athletics has proven to be common ground for participants that provides a unique forum for communication and understanding
“We are excited to launch this new mentoring initiative which will educate our athletes while engaging and supporting our military service personnel stationed around the world” said Linda Paul, President and CEO of USA Diving.  

As participants in DIVE INTO SERVICE, USA Diving athletes will have the opportunity to
learn leadership and team-building skills through sessions run by military veterans sharing their personal experiences defending our nation.  USA Diving athletes will in turn have an opportunity to share their stories of setting both individual and team goals in a highly competitive arena while representing the USA.  The shared experiences of a commitment to excellence, training to be the best, high pressure situations, representing the United States and world travel provide multiple subjects for interactions and engagement by all participants resulting in supportive and enduring relationships.

Attending the first DIVE INTO SERVICE trip will be Troy Dumais, USA Diving 4-time Olympian and 2012 silver medalist, Terry Powers, Vice President of USA Diving and Rob Powers, founder of American300 Tours.  During the Peterson Air Force base visit, USA Diving will announce plans for future DIVE INTO SERVICE trips, including a trip to Thule Air Base, located on the northern end of Greenland.  Thule Air Base is 750 miles above the Arctic Circle and is the US Armed Forces northernmost and remote military base.  USA Diving with continue planning additional trips with American300 to incorporate, engage and support the other four branches of military service.

For more on American300 Tours visit: 

Retired Generals Share Resilient Life Stories with Airmen

Major General Ed Mechenbier,
USAF/POW retired
Shreveport/Bossier City, LA -  On this 15th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on America, retired U.S. Air Force Generals, Bruce Fister and Ed Mechenbier are traveling to Barksdale Air Force Base to share life experiences that focus on resiliency and fostering positive growth with Airmen. 

The journey is one that has been taking to bases worldwide for years.  "We bring mentors to bases and let conversations occur in the workspaces. It's informal programming focused on connecting real life examples of resiliency with modern day warriors," says Robi Powers, the founder of the nonprofit effort and host of the mentoring program, adding, "It's a comprehensive approach which combines DoD computer and command based educational platforms with real life examples of the same." 

In 1964, Bruce and Ed received commissions from the Air Force Academy.  It would mark the last time in their careers that they'd serve side by side.  Moving forward in service Ed would follow a career path focused on fighter aircraft with nearly 6 years spent as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Classmate Bruce, would serve in Vietnam as well, praying for Ed's release while he conducted hundreds of missions with air mobility command. 
Lt General Bruce Fister, USAF

Combined the two accumulated over 70 years of duty and this week the Airmen of our 5th Bomb Wing, Air Force Global Strike Command will have an opportunity to get to know them. 

"We're as excited to learn the stories of our young Airmen as we are to share our own," says Mechenbier, adding "what is allowed to do is share stories which lead to conversations that are meaningful.  It's the antithesis of computer based programming, but supports our DoD human dimension development platforms completely." 

For more on the all volunteer efforts of American300 Tours visit: 

American300 - Border to Border with resiliency messages in August

Across the United States -  This week American300 is bringing mentors to border bases in Texas and North Dakota with visits scheduled for Maine and Florida as well. 

Kicking our Service with Honor - Never Quit Series week off in Texas will be Olympian Alex Diebold, who won bronze at the Sochi Winter Games in snowboarding.  Alex will be joined by Kyle Hildebrand, a professional musician who serves as a youth pastor in California, in addition to launching his latest musical effort ‘Whisper Mill’ alongside Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Brad Fite, who also volunteers for American300.  The combination of Music and Olympic Medals will be visiting US Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi Service Members stationed in the Brownsville, Texas area. 

Starting Monday, the world’s first amputee to summit Mount Everest heads to Minot Air Force Base where he’ll be joined by Army Purple Heart recipient and fellow high altitude climber Benjamin Breckheimer in sharing life stories with our Airmen of the 91st Missile Wing and 5th Bomb Wing of Air Force Global Strike Command. 

Half way across the country, Major General Edward Mechenbier, USAF ret. heads to US Coast Guard Sector Southwest Harbor to share his amazing 44 plus year Air Force career which included nearly 6 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. 

The week wraps up with Colonel Danny McKnight, of US Army Ranger legend, sharing his personal perspectives on a nearly 30 year career in the Army which included leading ground forces during Task Force Ranger, known internationally due to the major motion picture movie ‘Black Hawk Down’.   McKnight will be speaking with 2-124th Infantrymen and their families as a result of American300 ties to the unit while deployed to Africa this past year. 

Hosting duties will be split between Gretchen and Robi Powers this week with the two providing plenty of images and even a video or two while out on the road… ( facebook - American300 Tours ) 

American300 Never Quit Series programming is part of an overall effort by the nonprofit to support the Department of Defense’s comprehensive wellness and resiliency initiatives.   The nonprofit conducts over 30 resiliency guest tours per year worldwide. 

For more on American300 programming visit:  www.American300.or

Service with Honor - Black Hawk Down Colonel Danny McKnight

Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam Air Force Base Hawaii - This coming week purple heart recipient US Army Ranger Commander Colonel Danny McKnight, retired will be visiting members of the Air Force and Marine Corps as part of American300's on going effort to boost resiliency amongst Service Members. 

McKnight who is best known for his role in leading ground forces during the famed 'Battle of Mogadishu' aka 'Black Hawk Down' will be visiting Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Hickam Air Force Base spending time with units that American300 has been working with for several years. 

This video was created in 2012 when McKnight was on another 'American300 Service with Honor Tour' to Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, LA.   Hosting the visit will be American300 mentors Colonel John Bates, USMC retired who along with McKnight is a multi-time purple heart recipient and Robi Powers, founder of American300. 

For more information on American300 Tours visit: 

Navy Astronaut Reunites with Troops in Middle East

Undisclosed Middle East -    This week, decorated combat fighter pilot, United States Navy Astronaut Captain Barry ‘Butch’ Wilmore, will be reunited with fellow service members deployed to the middle east.  He’ll also be strengthening the bond between DoD and NASA by once again drawing attention to the long standing relationship the two agencies have had since 1959. 

Captain Wilmore, a veteran of operations: Desert Storm, Desert Shield and Southern Overwatch has flown over 6,800 tactical aircraft hours and landed on aircraft carriers 668 times, he’s also flown 21 combat missions all before joining the ranks of NASA’s Astronaut program.  

Selected as a NASA astronaut in July, 2000, he has served as pilot, flight engineer and commander on space shuttle and space station crews.  In March, 2015 he returned to Earth after spending nearly six months about the International Space Station. 

Now he heads out on his second DoD Armed Forces Entertainment Tour. 

With years of training in preparation for months of operational deployment whether as a Navy pilot or NASA astronaut, Captain Wilmore’s life story is relate-able to every service member he meets - and he loves spending time sharing it.

“I look forward to once again thanking my fellow service men and women for their sacrifices,” said Wilmore. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to share the unique experience of space flight with fellow service members.” 

On his first DoD Armed Forces Entertainment tour, Captain Wilmore, along with fellow Astronaut Rick Mastracchio, traveled to bases in Greenland, Cuba and Puerto Rico.  

“It’s amazing to witness the bond that forms between troops and astronauts, once both realize how similar their careers are in dedication to duty, sacrifice and commitment to mission excellence.” said Robi Powers, founder of American300, who has hosted hundreds of DoD Resiliency Tours. “Since Bob Hope, Troops have grown to expect the occasional entertainer visit, but there’s something surreal about seeing a NASA blue flight suit walking across a military base knowing that one of our ‘spacewalkers’ has taken time out to be with troops serving far away from home.” 

For more on American300 Tours visit: 

About Armed Forces Entertainment

Armed Forces Entertainment is the official Department of Defense agency for providing entertainment to U.S. military personnel serving overseas, with priority given to those in contingency operations and at remote and isolated locations. The Department of the Air Force is the executive agent of Armed Forces Entertainment. Founded in 1951, Armed Forces Entertainment brings a touch of home to more than 500,000 troops annually, embracing the best of Americana that stretches across all genres of entertainment. For more information visit ,  Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Any Given Sunday

American300 Public Affairs - July 5, 2016

U.S. Coast Guard - Seattle,WA -   American300 presents ‘Any Given Sunday’ featuring NFL Super Bowl Champion Bear Pascoe this week. 

Sunday’s have ultimately provided Bear Pascoe’s family with a source of income his entire adult life.  From the moment he entered the NFL draft and was picked up by the San Francisco 49‘s to a quick move to the NY Giants, his Sunday’s have been the ultimate test of worth and job security. 

For big name players the pre-season is mostly just a warmup, but for Bear and the majority of NFL players, both young and old, each pre-season practice or game could be their last.  

Every day, every practice and every play is the ultimate test.  An opportunity to shine or disappear.  Understanding the workings of the NFL selection process is so complicated it takes a near college degree in ‘NFL Cut Down’ processes to understand it. But, that’s just the beginning.  Once on a team there is the unspoken understanding that players can be benched or worse pulled from a teams roster ‘on any given Sunday’.  

Work has always played a big part in how he’s played the game and lived his life.  With a wife who is a professional athlete and talented vocalist, finding quality family time while both pursue professional athletic careers has never been easy.  “It’s incredibly hard, but when you look at what makes anything really happen the answer is near always - work.” says Bear Pascoe. 

Bear, will be spending several days with our District 13 Coast Guard members this week in an effort by American300 to share likable life stories.  “Our mentor program is based on connecting individuals who are relevant and relatable to our Service Members,” says Robi Powers, founder of the nonprofit, which focuses on increasing overall understanding of resiliency with troops serving around the world, “Two professionals, who are world’s a part in their day to day lives, but who put in the necessary work to keep their relationship and family unit strong - it’s a professional and personal story that our troops can relate to.” adds Powers. 

That work ethic applies to his football career as well. As a career backup tight end with now four team rosters represented, Pascoe has seen his share of coaching and player styles.   “You have to choose what type of player you’re going to be,” says Pascoe, who grew up on a working ranch wearing cowboy boots far more then athletic footwear growing up, “I always believed in modeling my play both on and off the field after the best, those who we all look up to as the true champions of sport, the players we want our kids to emulate.” 

Thirteenth District Coast Guard Service Members are going to be able to listen to some great life stories this week while a Super Bowl Champion gets to listen to the same - let the work begin. 

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World Champions Spend Nation's Birthday with Marine Corps Community

BRIDGEPORT CALIFORNIA - World Champion Hall of Fame Cowboys aren’t known to attend ranch rodeos all that often and when they do it’s usually as V.I.P. spectators rather then competitors.   That’s what makes the arrival of John Jones Jr. of steering wrestling hall of fame status so unique in this high meadow town nestled into the east side of the High Sierra’s. 

For the past four years, Jones has bid adios to his own family in order to spend July 4th with our United States Marines stationed at the Marine Mountain Warfare Training Center just north of Bridgeport in the unincorporated area known as Pickel Meadows. 

As part of an all volunteer nonprofit effort Jones and his son-in-law Super Bowl Champion Bear Pascoe, will take part in the Centennial Livestock Companies Bridgeport Ranch Rodeo along with Marines in what locals have grown to call the ‘Dream Team’ entry.  “ We don’t count in the overall standings and we don’t usually follow the rules to the ‘t’, but we have one heck of a good time competing with our Marines against some of the best ranch rodeo cowboys in the country,” says Jones, who for the first time will be traveling to Bridgeport without his friend and fellow volunteer, hall of fame world champion Lewis
Feild.   Feild, lost his battle with cancer this past winter.   “We talked about whether we all needed to take a year off after Lewis passed this past winter, but in the end all agreed that Lewis would want us all together and with the troops on our nation’s birthday,”  says Robi Powers, founder of American300, adding, “there’s no doubt in our minds that Lewis will be with us on this tour and every one of our over 30 tours a year to bases worldwide, he like his son Kaycee have been and always will be part of the American300 Team.” 

With two full days of ranch rodeo competition open to the public and a ride through town with the Marine Special Operations Horsemenship Instructors on Monday as part of the Bridgeport Parade, this years ‘Wrangler National Patriot Mountain Cowboy Tour’ is turning four on the fourth. 

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