Retired Generals Share Resilient Life Stories with Airmen

Major General Ed Mechenbier,
USAF/POW retired
Shreveport/Bossier City, LA -  On this 15th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on America, retired U.S. Air Force Generals, Bruce Fister and Ed Mechenbier are traveling to Barksdale Air Force Base to share life experiences that focus on resiliency and fostering positive growth with Airmen. 

The journey is one that has been taking to bases worldwide for years.  "We bring mentors to bases and let conversations occur in the workspaces. It's informal programming focused on connecting real life examples of resiliency with modern day warriors," says Robi Powers, the founder of the nonprofit effort and host of the mentoring program, adding, "It's a comprehensive approach which combines DoD computer and command based educational platforms with real life examples of the same." 

In 1964, Bruce and Ed received commissions from the Air Force Academy.  It would mark the last time in their careers that they'd serve side by side.  Moving forward in service Ed would follow a career path focused on fighter aircraft with nearly 6 years spent as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Classmate Bruce, would serve in Vietnam as well, praying for Ed's release while he conducted hundreds of missions with air mobility command. 
Lt General Bruce Fister, USAF

Combined the two accumulated over 70 years of duty and this week the Airmen of our 5th Bomb Wing, Air Force Global Strike Command will have an opportunity to get to know them. 

"We're as excited to learn the stories of our young Airmen as we are to share our own," says Mechenbier, adding "what is allowed to do is share stories which lead to conversations that are meaningful.  It's the antithesis of computer based programming, but supports our DoD human dimension development platforms completely." 

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