Any Given Sunday

American300 Public Affairs - July 5, 2016

U.S. Coast Guard - Seattle,WA -   American300 presents ‘Any Given Sunday’ featuring NFL Super Bowl Champion Bear Pascoe this week. 

Sunday’s have ultimately provided Bear Pascoe’s family with a source of income his entire adult life.  From the moment he entered the NFL draft and was picked up by the San Francisco 49‘s to a quick move to the NY Giants, his Sunday’s have been the ultimate test of worth and job security. 

For big name players the pre-season is mostly just a warmup, but for Bear and the majority of NFL players, both young and old, each pre-season practice or game could be their last.  

Every day, every practice and every play is the ultimate test.  An opportunity to shine or disappear.  Understanding the workings of the NFL selection process is so complicated it takes a near college degree in ‘NFL Cut Down’ processes to understand it. But, that’s just the beginning.  Once on a team there is the unspoken understanding that players can be benched or worse pulled from a teams roster ‘on any given Sunday’.  

Work has always played a big part in how he’s played the game and lived his life.  With a wife who is a professional athlete and talented vocalist, finding quality family time while both pursue professional athletic careers has never been easy.  “It’s incredibly hard, but when you look at what makes anything really happen the answer is near always - work.” says Bear Pascoe. 

Bear, will be spending several days with our District 13 Coast Guard members this week in an effort by American300 to share likable life stories.  “Our mentor program is based on connecting individuals who are relevant and relatable to our Service Members,” says Robi Powers, founder of the nonprofit, which focuses on increasing overall understanding of resiliency with troops serving around the world, “Two professionals, who are world’s a part in their day to day lives, but who put in the necessary work to keep their relationship and family unit strong - it’s a professional and personal story that our troops can relate to.” adds Powers. 

That work ethic applies to his football career as well. As a career backup tight end with now four team rosters represented, Pascoe has seen his share of coaching and player styles.   “You have to choose what type of player you’re going to be,” says Pascoe, who grew up on a working ranch wearing cowboy boots far more then athletic footwear growing up, “I always believed in modeling my play both on and off the field after the best, those who we all look up to as the true champions of sport, the players we want our kids to emulate.” 

Thirteenth District Coast Guard Service Members are going to be able to listen to some great life stories this week while a Super Bowl Champion gets to listen to the same - let the work begin. 

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