World Champions Spend Nation's Birthday with Marine Corps Community

BRIDGEPORT CALIFORNIA - World Champion Hall of Fame Cowboys aren’t known to attend ranch rodeos all that often and when they do it’s usually as V.I.P. spectators rather then competitors.   That’s what makes the arrival of John Jones Jr. of steering wrestling hall of fame status so unique in this high meadow town nestled into the east side of the High Sierra’s. 

For the past four years, Jones has bid adios to his own family in order to spend July 4th with our United States Marines stationed at the Marine Mountain Warfare Training Center just north of Bridgeport in the unincorporated area known as Pickel Meadows. 

As part of an all volunteer nonprofit effort Jones and his son-in-law Super Bowl Champion Bear Pascoe, will take part in the Centennial Livestock Companies Bridgeport Ranch Rodeo along with Marines in what locals have grown to call the ‘Dream Team’ entry.  “ We don’t count in the overall standings and we don’t usually follow the rules to the ‘t’, but we have one heck of a good time competing with our Marines against some of the best ranch rodeo cowboys in the country,” says Jones, who for the first time will be traveling to Bridgeport without his friend and fellow volunteer, hall of fame world champion Lewis
Feild.   Feild, lost his battle with cancer this past winter.   “We talked about whether we all needed to take a year off after Lewis passed this past winter, but in the end all agreed that Lewis would want us all together and with the troops on our nation’s birthday,”  says Robi Powers, founder of American300, adding, “there’s no doubt in our minds that Lewis will be with us on this tour and every one of our over 30 tours a year to bases worldwide, he like his son Kaycee have been and always will be part of the American300 Team.” 

With two full days of ranch rodeo competition open to the public and a ride through town with the Marine Special Operations Horsemenship Instructors on Monday as part of the Bridgeport Parade, this years ‘Wrangler National Patriot Mountain Cowboy Tour’ is turning four on the fourth. 

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