American300 Returns To El Salvador For Olympic Day

San Salvador - Since 1948, International Olympic Committee National Olympic Committee’s have been celebrating the birth of the Olympic movement through a recognized ‘Olympic Day’.  

Focused on pillars of: Move, Learn and Discover, National Olympic Committees (NOC’s) have been charged with adopting new ways to promote the Olympic Spirit in their respective countries.   

In 1987, a masses ‘Olympic Day Run’ was established, making it easier for NOC’s to focus on hosting one event on one day between 17-24 June each year.  Since this time, dozens of NOC’s have developed comprehensive ‘Olympic Day Movements’ - El Salvador is one such country. 

With a focus on movement, learning and discovery, ESA Olympic Committee President Eduardo Palomo, charged his ESA Staff with expanding Olympic Spirit beyond a simple one day running event.   He also went one step farther and reached out to the United States non-government organization ONETEAM American300 Envoy’s over a year ago to assist with his charge. 

Founded by retired Olympic Teams coach,  Rob Powers, American300 ONETEAM Envoy’s enlist U.S. Olympic medalists to spread goodwill and foster positive growth in countries all over the world.   “We’ve had a relationship with the ESA Olympic Committee for over a year now, bringing Olympic champions to meet and share with ESA Olympic and development teams,” says Robi Powers, founder of American300, adding “Eduardo (Palomo) has become not only a great partner, but a personal friend to many American Olympic Team members and his staff is one of the most dedicated and professional that we work with around the world.” 

Powers, is joined on this fourth envoy to El Salvador, by Olympic and World Champion Dan Beery, who captured Olympic gold in Athens, Greece during the 2004 summer games.  Beery, who serves as the lead ambassador for ONETEAM American300 Envoy’s asked fellow rower, Susan Francia, to accompany the group on this visit.  

“Susan symbolizes every that Olympic President Pierre de Coubertin had in mind when he proposed the re-birth of what is now the modern Olympic Games in 1894,” says Beery, “ Susan brought home 2 Olympic gold medals for TeamUSA in Athens and London along with numerous World Championship titles, but what makes her perfect for this program is what she has done for sport since becoming a Hall of Fame athlete. Today she is a coach, mentor and ambassador for the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect.” added Beery. 

With plans to attend the ESA Olympic ‘Road to Rio’ Gala, Olympic Day Run and spend quality time with athletes and their families, it’s easy to see why Mr. Eduardo Palomo’s vision for expanding opportunities to his family of athletes and staff members is recognized by American300 ONETEAM Envoy’s and members of the International Olympic Committee as being so inline with the spirit of the Olympic movement worldwide. 

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