American300 Returns to Ketchikan Alaska with 'The Makers'

US Coast Guard Base Ketchikan - American300 returns to Alaska’s southern island with musicians Brad Fite, USMC Wounded Warrior and Kyle Hildebrand, from the band ‘The Makers’. 

‘In July of 2010, while conducting a combat patrol in Afghanistan, a roadside bomb detonated directly beneath United States Marine, Brad Fite, causing catastrophic injuries that warranted him the Purple Heart. 

His physical array of injuries would heal, but the invisible wounds would haunt him for years. While recovering in multiple hospitals, Brad’s misfortunate fame began to take its toll in the form of PTS. After three failed suicide attempts, Brad delved back into music and discovered that through music he could truly begin healing.

Over the span of five years, Brad wrote continuously and embedded the pains of his past and storied his recovery in music and lyrics; the outcome would be The Makers’ first studio album, War Stories Vol. One.

In May of 2015, after more than a year of searching for the perfect fit, Brad met lead vocalist and San Diego native, Kyle Hildebrand—an industry veteran and former front man of the band Edify—and the two formed The Makers. 

Kyle’s powerful and raw vocals bring to life Brad’s lyrics and melodies in a way that only someone who truly understands the pain of a past can do, and Kyle, having fought through his own kind of hell, does just that. 

The two tell a story of hope, transformation, and grace through their music in their own unique fashion. Genres have been left at the door as The Makers escape the chains of genre specific music - from The Makers.’ 

Brad and Kyle, come to American300 through a new friendship between Phoenix Patriot Foundation and American300 Tours. “ I met Darren Isham, a retired US Navy SEAL Master Chief, this spring and he along with Phoenix Patriot Band and Music Program opened the doors to a whole new group of amazing musical mentors,” says Robi Powers, host and founder of American300, adding “Our goal is to help make Service Members stronger and you can’t do that from a lectern once a year, it’s why we’re back up in Ketchikan for the eighth time in two years.” 

About -  All volunteer non-government organization ( AVO/NGO) which provides resiliency subject matter experts to: Department of Defense, Homeland Security and Department of State Service Members and Employees.  Volunteer mentors spend days with units and then make themselves available for follow discussions after their visits.  To date, the nonprofit has placed guests on over 500 bases worldwide and conducted thousands of mentoring sessions with over 150 mentors who give of their time freely. USCG programming is funded through donor dollar contributions to the nonprofit. 

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