Olympic Gold Medalist engages the enemy...

Minot Air Force Base, Minot ND- Thirty-two years ago Sean Colgan became a World Champion in olympic rowing. At the same time our nations B52 bombers and ICBM facilities were in their respective twenties... in terms of age.

"There's a lot of things you can do when your in your twenties, some are down right fun... others are so stupid they can cost people their lives." said Colgan, the 1980 Olympian who along with teammates in the men's 8 boat rallied after the Moscow Summer Olympic Games U.S. Boycott and went on to be one of the fastest, strongest...mentally, physically and spiritually... driven teams in all of USA Rowing's history. " I know for a fact that I'm here standing before you today because of the teammates I have in my life... we looked out for each other, inspired and took care of each other."

While the Olympians of 1980 'stayed home' and watched their dreams of competing in the Olympics go into the history books our nations B52 bomber and ICBM facilities here at Minot Air Force Base were being maintained, fueled, flown and serviced by great American Airmen each and every day of the Moscow Olympics... a twenty-four hour a day total force tasking that has continued to this day. "...guys, what I just witnessed from above was pure teamwork... olympic standards enforced.” Colgan added, referring to the eye in the sky perspective he had along with the 91st Missile Wings’s commander Colonel Stephen Davis as the two along with crew members of the 91st Helicopter Squadron observed 2 members of the American300 team along with 53 members of the 91st Missile Wing’s 791st Missile Security Forces Squadron Convoy Response Force engage an enemy ambush of the convoy. “... o.k. guys, so the big tough olympic gold medalist was the one that struggled to get the darn humvee door open when we rolled up... I won an olympic gold medal, but I can’t even come close to doing your jobs, your duty to our country the way you do.” said Dan Beery, 2004 Olympic Gold Medallist during the end exercise briefing that was conducted on the side of a quite county dirt road... out in the middle of no where North Dakota just meters from a ICBM Silo, but nearly 40 miles away from Minot Air Force Base. “ You all need to know just how amazing you are... I’m just so humbled to be standing here with you having experienced exactly what it is you do... prepare for on a daily basis." he added.

As was the case back in 1980 and years before that and everyday since that famed year in Olympic history, the Airmen of Air Force Global Strike Command have been deploying to the remote countryside of America’s interior to protect, defend and stand ready... at a moments notice alongside the most powerful weapons in the world... our intercontinental ballistic missiles.

“... I’ve had the honor of taking decorated U.S. Army Rangers to Afghanistan to visit your brothers and sisters deployed downrange and I’ll be doing the same with US Marine heroes this summer.” said Robi Powers, of American300 who along with Dan Beery were ‘embedded’ into the exercise working in full battle dress along side the 791st airmen. “I wish Colonel Danny McKnight (...ref. ‘Blackhawk Down or Battle of Mogadishu) could have watched you all perform your duties today, I know for certain he would have been impressed” added Powers.

The American300 NEVER QUIT Series Air Force Global Strike Command ‘The Rowing Challenge Tour’ continues as the team of 3 volunteers and their command liaison Major Hayley James fly to Great Falls, MT today. Once there they’ll ‘engage’ another base and group of proud defenders of freedom - Malmstrom Air Force Base.

For PHOTOS - STORIES - SURVEY visit: www.American300.org

For more on Air Force Global Strike Command: www.afgsc.af.mil

American300 is a 501c3 all volunteer nonprofit focused on increasing the resiliency of our US Armed Forces, their families and areas of operation they live and operate in. Federal endorsement of sponsor and nonprofit not intended. For more information on American300 please contact Rob Powers: robpowersusa@aol.com

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