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Malmstrom Air Force Base, MT - Olympic athletes ‘toe the line’ and heed chief starting line officials instructions all the time. It’s as natural as the technique developed by olympic rowers who’ve pulled on oars more then 10,000 times for every 1 oar stroke they pull during an olympic event.

“I’ve listened to thousands of official starters countdowns leading up to and since the 1980 Olympics... countdowns are old hat... I’ve just never been involved in one that hypothetically unleashes the almighty protective power of hundreds of nuclear ballistic missiles.” said Olympic Hall of Fame rower Sean Colgan, who is here at Malmstrom as part of American300‘s Never Quit Series of resiliency guests, “ your mission is the most important mission in the World... you guys are maintaining and protecting the ultimate let’s not go to World War III machine.”

“For over 60 years, the United States has maintained a fleet of ICBM’s that with the President’s command can find their way to designated targets anywhere in the world... in less time then it takes to watch the Colbert Report on Comedy Central this evening.” said Robi Powers, founder of American300 the nonprofit organization that is producing the year long ‘Never Quit Series’ for Air Force Global Strike Command’s five nuclear missile and bomb bases; Minot, Malmstrom, Frances E. Warren, Whiteman and Barksdale AFB’s. “Being able to show Hall of Fame Olympians like Sean and Dan Beery, the awesome capability of not only this command, but our nation is fantastic, these are the best and brightest examples of excellence within the United States (our airmen) and they have been making it so we can sleep safely, send our athletes to the Olympics... heck... have Olympic Games.” he added.

From ICBM missile launch facility training simulators to the behind the scenes maintenance work that is done to keep this aging fleet of nuclear weapons in state-of-art condition and readiness the Olympians shared their stories of success and perseverance with the next generation of Missileer’s. “I’m blown away... wait a second... can I say that around here?” said Dan Beery, adding “I got to conduct a mock practice launch of ICBM’s in the training facility an hour ago with my Never Quit Series teammates Sean and Robi, this place has

just redefined the meaning of ‘protect the house’ for me... we just keep running into game on operators... it doesn’t matter where you go on this base... everyone is so squared away and on point.”

The Never Quit Series is a year long resiliency program that Air Force Global Strike Command partnered up with American300 to produce. “these American300 guys have been doing this type of programming downrange for 3 years and I’m so pumped to be working with them here on my base each month.” said Senior Master Sergeant Jerry Hall of Malmstrom AFB’s 341st Missile Wing, adding “this program gets my fellow senior enlisted staff members and I fired up, Robi just keeps bringing these amazing American’s who posses such rich personal real world resiliency life experiences... the positive energy you pick up from listening to the stories and meeting up close the individuals each month is way more then just inspirational... it’s boots on the ground mission motivational.”

With the final stop for ‘The Rowing Challenge Tour’ coming up tomorrow, Thursday April 5th at Barksdale Air Force Base, Shreveport LA, the Olympians along with Powers are excited about a London Olympic Games themed month long fitness program that has been attached to their Never Quit Tour. “ I can’t wait to meet your commanding General, Lt. General Kowalski, the guy took our original concept of having you all get a chance to row on a Olympic rowing machine and took it to a whole other level.” said Colgan, referencing the $ 50,000 winner take all first place prize that the command placed on the base that can row the most

registered meters between April 5th and May 5th. “ I like challenges... I’ve dealt with them my entire life, just like everyone has... having a base wide prize at the end of the journey is going to get people talking and it’s good to talk amongst each other when your on a team... especially a team as great as Global Strike Command.” he added.


American300 is a nonprofit organization focused on increasing the resiliency strength of our Armed Forces Service Members and their Families in remote, hardship and combat areas of deployment and duty. No federal endorsement of sponsor or nonprofit by Air Force Global Strike Command is intended. For more information please contact American300 Warrior Tours founder:

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