Rowing Out the Red Carpet... Olympians visit F.E. Warren AFB

Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, WY - The American300 NEVER QUIT SERIES Air Force Global Strike Command ‘Rowing Challenge Tour’ pulled into the oldest continuously operational Air Force Base in the country with the same might that sped Olympians Sean Colgan and Dan Beery to victories at the Olympics and World Championships on many occasions.

“It was all about my wingmen...fellow 8 man rowers... who if I was feeling down and out, lifted me backup... pointed me in the right direction throughout the years.” said Sean Colgan, the 1980 Olympian and World Champion as he shared his Congressional Gold Medal with a gym full of civil engineer airmen this morning. “In life, just like at the Olympics there are days when you simply have to count on the guy in front or behind you.” referring to the backwards facing position that 8 rowers assume while competing in the most powerful of the Olympic rowing boats.

From Security Forces and their Military Working Dogs to Base Operations Staff, Civil Engineers and Missile Maintainers the Olympians slowed things down by spending time in F.E. Warren Air Force Bases many ‘work spaces’. “ If highway crews back in my hometown could tackle pot holes the way these Civil Engineers do, we’d have some of the best roads in the country.” commented 2004 Athens Greece Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Beery. “The only thing that slowed them down was allowing me to run the jack hammer for twenty minutes today.”

The American300 Never Quit Series presented by Air Force Global Strike Command’s ‘The Rowing Challenge Tour’ continues on Sunday as the rowers along with Robi Powers and USAFGSC Liaison Major Hayley James head to Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. “Major James is already up there getting things lined out for another ‘All Out.. Never Quit’ experience, rumor has it the guys are going to be going out on a Security Forces field exercise... ought to be interesting!” said Robi Powers, “I just hope they have big zip ties... Dan’s a big guy!”


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The American300 NEVER QUIT SERIES was designed exclusively for Air Force Global Strike Command by American300, to help increase the overall resiliency of our armed forces members, their families and the communities they live and operate in. No federal endorsement of sponsor or nonprofit is intended- American300 Inc. US IRS 501(c)3 all volunteer Non-profit. Please contact American300 Warrior Tours founder/manager Robi Powers if you have any questions about this program.

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