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Camp Zama, Japan- Behind every Olympic Medal, Stanley Cup or Super Bowl champion, there stands a group of family and friends, support staff and coaches. Very seldom do we see World Records broken by individuals capable of truly going it alone, instead these major accomplishments in sports are nearly always achieved through a combination of support elements.

Today in Zama-shi, Japan, American300’s Troop Ski4Yellow Team was treated to a day with one of the truly behind the scenes support pillars of

resiliency in the U.S. Army: the camps Army Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Team.

In 1903, congress started to provide oversight and funding for what today is known as the Army Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) department. Comprised mostly of civilian workers with uniformed military and congressional oversight today, the scope of services has grown through the years to include everything from dinning clubs and fitness centers to movie theaters and outdoor recreation centers... shopping centers and a whole lot more.

For this inaugural Troop Ski4Yellow Tour, American300 worked with Camp Zama’s MWR Director, Paul Stearns and team to create a day one for our Olympians and Ski4Yellow organizers that focused on the behind the scenes staff that moves mountains out of the way for our soldiers.... or in some cases puts them right in front of them as will be the case on Saturday when the first ever Troop Ski4Yellow event takes place at a local ski area.

American300 is no stranger to connecting with US Army Garrison Japan’s soldiers. This past spring American300 along with Armed Forces Entertainment placed Olympians in Kure Japan at the Army’s 83rd Ordinance Battalion’s Ammunition Depot in southern Japan. This past July Himalayan climbing greats Eric Meyer MD and Chhiring Dorje Sherpa, meet up with the 83rd Ordinance Battalion once again on the steeps of Mt Fuji for a combined Army, US Marine Corps ascent of the countries tallest mountain.

“No matter where we go around the world when it comes to US Army bases we work with the dedicated members of MWR.” says Rob Powers, the nonprofits founder and tour leader, who along with Mike Lane of Steamboat Springs have helped put together this group of Olympians and 4 Yellow Foundation organizers of Steamboat Ski4Yellow, “MWR is so interracial to overall troop strength and resiliency, I’m stoked that we were able to start off this tour by slowing things down and getting to spend quality time sharing with the dedicated MWR staff of professionals here at Camp Zama.”

As this first ever Troop Ski4Yellow Tour rolls into day two the focus is going to move to men and women in uniform - our US Army Soldiers. “You’ll be falling in with our military police at 0620 tomorrow and conduct ‘PT’ (physical training) with them, followed by morning chow, then after a quick change will have you with two more units prior to lunch, followed by 3 more units in the afternoon. “ said Emmettee McNeill, an army veteran, now civilian who has worked here in Japan for MWR over 10 years now and loves his job. “ I like the way you all slow things down and really spend time one on one with people, talking and sharing stories... it’s good stuff.”

Good stuff is exactly what Nelson Carmichael a 2x Olympian and Olympic Bronze Medalist along with 3x Olympian Caroline Lalive are bringing to the troops, families and staff here at Camp Zama. Whether stories of what it was like to over come hardships and succeed or what a rush it was to walk into a packed stadium as part of Team USA during opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games. The messages may change from tour to tour, but the underlying themes are always the same... life is so worth living, challenges are always 'out there' and dreams are obtainable.

American300 Warrior Tours loves slowing things down and getting to know service members and the individuals who support them... whether here in Japan or an outpost in Afghanistan, the goal is always the same 'Americans Honoring America's Heroes... heroes that include our MWR Teams!

About The Team:

Troop Ski4Yellow is presented by Military Justice International through American300. The Tour features Olympians Nelson Carmichael and Caroline Lalive along with Steamboat Ski4Yellow organizers Dave and Aimee Nagel. They are joined by American300 volunteers Mike Lane (director of Steamboat Ski Resorts Public Relations) and Rob Powers, founder of the nonprofit American300 Warrior Tours, everyone on this tour resides in the town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado - Ski Town U.S.A. Special Thanks to HoneyStinger, SmartWool, Livestrong Foundation and Military Justice International.

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  1. Every military man is a hero. They all have to go through in a tough training. They can not sleep while training. Some times they get punishment. One day they become the toughest man in this world and they do their work with their honesty.