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Numbers. They’re all around us. At every corner. Some lucky, some not. Numbers are intertwined, and can define us more than we might think. Take the number 14 for example. 14 hours traveling on a variety of planes to reach a destination, half way around the globe from Colorado. It makes you start to reflect.

Caroline Lalive was making her first Olympic appearance in a competition that many didn’t even consider her a contender. Named to the US team, this 5’ 6” powerhouse bombed down terrifying ski runs with no fear; only armed with a belief in herself. Isn’t that the true power of sports, seizing an opportunity, going after it with all your heart and never giving up, no matter what? The year was 1998, Caroline, aka ‘Liner’ went from one of the best in the US to one of the best in the World.

1998 just so happens to be when another powerhouse came into existence. A small grassroots effort was unveiled to battle cancer and urge people to live strong. This new organization was made up of tireless individuals who banded together with a common purpose-eliminating cancer. They too knew no fear, believed in their mission and were fortified with a never give up mentality.

Lalive and LiveSTRONG have achieved many groundbreaking and innovated milestones since 1998. But now, they share a common bond beside the number 14 and that’s Ski 4 Yellow. Hosted this past winter for its inaugural year in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Ski 4 Yellow brought together Olympians for a day on the slopes. What started as a fun day skiing and riding, turned into an event that was bigger than any one individual. An effort that generated nearly $100,000 to help in the fight again cancer.

After first strapping on skis on the world’s largest stage, Caroline, a three-time Olympian and US National Champion is back in the Land of the Rising Sun with Olympic Bronze medalist, Nelson Carmichael, LiveSTRONG and American300 visiting troops at Camp Zama and skiing a little along the way.

“Japan hosted my first trip to the Olympics and last year was the site of my first trip as part of an American 300 resiliency tours that I had the honor to participate in,” said Lalive. “As you can imagine, Japan holds a very special place in my life and I’m so excited to be back with Ski 4 Yellow and American 300. “

So when you think about the number 14, think about it as more than just a number. It’s the reason these powerful personalities are together far from home. And although their paths may have been different, their results remain the same--provide hope, show that one person can make a different no matter the odds and believe in ourselves one ski turn at a time.

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