CAMP ZAMA- Don't Forget to Listen to the Music in Life!

Camp Zama, Japan- The morning broke offering clear skies and cool temperatures as American300 started day 2 of the Troop Ski4Yellow Tour with Camp Zama’s Military Police and physical training at 06:30. The MPs took Olympian Nelson Carmichael and Ski4Yellow’s Dave Nagel on a three-mile awake up run through U.S. Army Garrison Japan's beautiful camp, complete with cadence being called out by the groups leaders. "I've watched enough movies featuring formation running and drill instructor-esque cadence calling to now what it looks like... but I never dreamed of being in an actual military unit, sounding off to the cadence calls the way we did during that run." said lawyer Dave Nagel, who's law firms Military Justice International division helped sponsor this first ever troop tour. "It's pretty cool, very motivating"

After the run, the American300 team was able to spend time with members of the Military Police and their K-9 counterparts talking about life, days traveling to far away places and what it takes to do their job. “It was the perfect way to start the day,” said Dave Nagel. “And the men and women welcomed us into their family and even took it easy on us during the morning outing.”

After leaving the MP station with no arrests, Olympians Caroline Lalive and Nelson Carmichael, American300’s Robi Powers and Mike Lane along with Ski 4 Yellow’s Dave & Aimee Nagel lifted off to meet the 'Ninjas' and 'Ravens' and their UH-64 Blackhawk helicopters. The team was able to try on pilot gear, helmets and get an up close and personal perspective from the front seats of these incredible machines. The workhorses of the US Army, these Blackhawk Helo's provide essential transportation for troops and equipment across Japan.

Music filled the air as the US Army Japan Band serenaded the group with the song So What. This Army's best band performs at numerous festivals such as the Snow Festival and Cherry Blossom Festival, when Camp Zama opens its doors to their Japanese neighbors. Whether on base or traveling across the country, a performance by the US Army Japan Band is not to be missed. Team USA was even afforded the opportunity to pick up instruments and try their hand at a few notes. Needless to say, the members of the US Army Japan Band have nothing to fear from this five-piece yellow sweat-shirted start up group.

With notes still ringing in their ears, it was off to an undisclosed location to visit US Troops participating in a joint Japanese/United States multi-week operation. Troops from spectrum of multi-national coalition forces are on site in Japan coordinating the exercise, putting each group to the test. During a short lunch break, Carmichael and Lalive were able to share stories and answer more then one question from this combat hardened group of soldiers from the US Army's 8th Army.

"The level of multinational cooperation and coordination in pulling off these exercises is mind boggling" said Lane adding, "There's no question that given the task, these troopers could pull off organizing something as complex as the Olympic Games, theyre just brilliant individuals."

The day ended as it started with an invitation from the MP unit to attend a awards ceremony. The Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Bischoff presented several commendations, citations and awards for service and volunteerism to firefighters, police and EMS personnel, including a special unit citation awarded to the MP group for their efforts during Operation Tomodachi (Operation Friendship)-a massive relief effort during the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

As the sun set behind the nearby Tanzawa Mountain Range, Team USA reflected on the efforts these men and women conduct on a daily basis so far from home. They do what it takes day in and day out without notoriety and never complaining. It’s what they do and they are extremely good at their jobs.

With thoughts of ski runs and powder snow conditions, the American300 Ski4Yellow Team calls it a day here in Japan. Soon the team will be up and headed to the ski slopes with 50 US Army personnel for the first ever Troop Ski4Yellow day of skiing, story telling and fun, stay with us... the tour continues.

About The Team:

Troop Ski4Yellow is presented by Military Justice International through American300. The Tour features Olympians Nelson Carmichael and Caroline Lalive along with Steamboat Ski4Yellow organizers Dave and Aimee Nagel. They are joined by American300 volunteers Mike Lane (director of Steamboat Ski Resorts Public Relations) and Ro

b Powers, founder of the nonprofit American300 Warrior Tours, everyone on this tour resides in the town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado - Ski Town U.S.A. Special Thanks to HoneyStinger, SmartWool, LiveSTRONG Foundation and Military Justice International.

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