Who Doesn't Love a Powder Day

Tambara Ski Area, Japan—People travel the world to ski and snowboard. Take Olympic Bronze medalist Nelson Carmichael and Olympian Caroline Lalive, they’ve been around the globe several times to ski. In fact, between them they've competed five times at the Winter Games. But, today was the first time they hit the road at 4am with a bus full of US troops and their families for a special day on the slopes.

The five-hour ride from US Army Camp Zama winded out of busy Tokyo into the heart of the mountains in the Gunma prefecture. As the buses chained up before the final approach, the snow started falling slowly from the sky. The powder continued to come down heavier with each switchback as the buses worked their way up to the Tambara ski area. Expectations grew as the Ski 4 Yellow group disembarked their snow chariots and the powder piled up with full force. Who doesn’t love a powder day? Today was going to be one, full of all the moments that make these days last a lifetime.

The Tambara Ski 4 Yellow outing marked Day 3 for Team USA as Carmichael and Lalive accompanied by Dave and Aimee Nagel, of 4 Foundations Steamboat Ski4Yellow nonprofit along with tour organizers Rob Powers and Mike Lane of American300 led a group of 50 powder enthusiasts in a day on the slopes. US service members, their families and friends, some beginners and some seasoned experts, took to the slopes to enjoy this unique powder day.

“A powder day resonates with skiers and snowboarders on so many levels,” said Caroline Lalive. “But when you get to experience one in Japan with members of our Armed Forces, it takes on an entirely new meaning, one that I will hold dearly.”

With six lifts spread across ten named trails, Tambara Ski Area proved to be perfect for the first Ski 4 Yellow event comprised of US troops in Japan. With fresh powder on the trails and enthusiasm running high, laps started racking up. Caroline and Nelson offered a few tips, threw some trick moves and shared a lot of laughs throughout the day.

“Today was a great day and I couldn’t think of a better group of people to spend it with than US troops and their families from Camp Zama,” said Nelson Carmichael. “Skiing is a passion for me and being able to share it is especially special for me. Add in it being a powder day, and it’s just icing on the cake.”

Steamboat Springs will host the 2nd Annual Ski 4 Yellow event on March 30-31, 2012, which features Olympians and professional athletes skiing and riding across Steamboat Ski Area in the fight against cancer.

“What a way to launch the LiveSTRONG Ski 4 Yellow coming up this March in Steamboat Springs,” said Dave Nagel. “To have troops and their families kick it off in Japan was the ideal way to launch Ski 4 Yellow and bring it to a much larger audience.

American300 Warrior Tours loves slowing things down and getting to know service members and the individuals who support them... whether here in Japan or an outpost in Afghanistan, the goal is always the same 'Americans Honoring America's Heroes! Today at this small remote ski area north of Tokyo, the honor was in sharing an amazing group of American's and Stateside event with our nations heroes.

About The Team:

Troop Ski4Yellow is presented by Military Justice International through American300. The Tour features Olympians Nelson Carmichael and Caroline Lalive along with Steamboat Ski4Yellow organizers Dave and Aimee Nagel. They are joined by American300 volunteers Mike Lane (director of Steamboat Ski Resorts Public Relations) and Rob Powers, founder of the nonprofit American300 Warrior Tours, everyone on this tour resides in the town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado - Ski Town U.S.A. Special Thanks to HoneyStinger, SmartWool, LiveSTRONG Foundation and Military Justice International for supporting this tour.

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Special Thanks To: Military Justice International www.militaryjusticeinternational

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