The Prize of Peace... Never Quit Holiday Troop Tour

Minot AFB, North Dakota- Over the past decade America has been focused on the ‘war on terror’, rightfully so... from the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to the deployment of hundreds of thousands of American’s and Coalition Forces - America is and has been at War for over 10 years.

Today in the early morning darkness of a armed forces base that most Americans don’t even know exists... two special American celebrities were reminded of a program that has been providing a quite deterrence to war for well over half a century.

“These US Air Force service members are quite guardians of peace” said Robi Powers, of Steamboat Springs, Colorado who organizes resiliency tours for the Department of Defense through the nonprofit American300 Warrior Tours. “how often do people even think about our ICBM’s, or take time to reflect on the role that they play in keeping our country and other countries safe from Armageddon?” he added.

“We compete in XGames and shows like Survivor because when it comes right down to it... you all ensure our nations total safety” said Mike Schultz, ESPN XGAMES Summer and Winter Adaptive Gold Medalist, addressing a group of young airmen, “if it weren’t for what you do, the peace that we all enjoy couldn’t be counted on.”

With a goal of connecting troops with unique motivational resiliency messages and themes the Never Quit Tour is visiting bases all over the U.S. this week. “When I competed as an Islander on season 9 of CBS Survivor, the worse thing that could happen was getting voted off the island.” says Chad Crittenden of the Bay Area in California, adding “at our nations Global Strike Command bases it’s not about ‘grand prizes on TV shows, it’s about the ultimate prize... the prize of peace."

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