Posted by Chad Crittenden for American300- I've done some cool things in my life, but coming to these Air Force bases certainly ranks up there with the best of them. Although sometimes overlooked and underappreciated, the Global Strike Command bases of Minot and Malstrom have shown me some fine examples of diligent, hard working men and women of the United States Air Force. The cold December weather outside was quickly neutralized by the warm reception of each and every unit that we visited with our supportive message of resiliency.

Rob Powers energized the troops with his motivational pep talks and Mike Shultz and I brought our own stories of overcoming obstacles. Mine was one I'd shared many times, combining my story of competing on Survivor as an amputee and illustrating how I have arrived at where I am today through optimism and achieving short term goals.

Mike has had much of the same positive attitude as I have throughout his recovery and a subsequent return to competitive sports. He shared his amazingly compelling story of a return to Motocross and Snowcross glory after a snowmobile accident took his leg. Mike's strategies and focus of immersing himself in improving his situation using his own ingenuity and technology vision had each visited in awe.

Rob, Mike and I each share that same Never Quit attitude and I hope we were able to get a messages across to these ambitious and talented airmen; that message being the often difficult aspect of one's personality to summons: resiliency.

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