Putting Your Right Foot Forward... even when you don't have one!

Minot Air Force Base - Some kids grow up playing with tonka trucks, bull dozers and matchbox cars... Mike Schultz played with a model B52 as a kid. Today at Minot Air Force Base North Dakota, Schultz got to climb into the pilots seat of one. "I would play for hours with a scale model B52 as a kid, never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever get up close to a real one."
said Schultz, a 3x Adaptive Gold Medallist who came to this Global Strike Command Base along with CBS Survivor Show Finalist Chad Crittenden to share stories of resiliency with our troops.

From non-commissioned officer education classes to logistics, maintainers and dinning facility chiefs... Crittenden and Schultz, spent time joking, sharing stories and becoming friends with hundreds today at this remote and somewhat isolated air base.

The duo along with American300 Warrior Tours founder Robi Powers are on a mission to 'Get a Leg Up' on resiliency throughout the United States during this holiday season by visiting remote installations and wounded warrior transition units. "We're focused on creating connections, giving troops a unique behind the scenes perspective on what it takes to
succeed." says Powers, "Mike and Chad both have bounced back from huge life changing tragedies... not unlike Minot" he added, referencing the damage inflicted upon the community here by the flooding this spring.

"It's all about putting your right foot forward...even though I don't have one..." joked Crittenden as he recounted the mix of emotions and adjustments he went through nine years ago when cancer took his leg below the knee. "We all get dealt circumstances...the question is what do you do with them... if the situation isn't what you expected it to be... what are you willing to do to change it."

The troop resiliency tour continues here in Minot before departing for Malmstrom Air Force Base in Wyoming tomorrow afternoon. Stay with us... The Tour Continues...

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