Heroes Sports Teams Up with Am300 to Visit US Coast Guard

Corpus Christi, Texas -  For over a decade American300 has been delivering messaging to our Department of Defense and Homeland Security, in an effort to raise awareness surrounding the subject of resiliency.  Utilizing hundreds of individuals with resilient rich personal stories and a willingness to share, the nonprofit has exposed service members to some of life’s most dramatic case studies in resiliency with the goal of creating dialogue while breaking down barriers as to what the human dimension is capable of in life - if we just don't quit. 

This week, American300 teams up with Heroes Sports, a nonprofit created by Army veteran Mike Barker, of San Antonio to not only deliver personal stories of never quitting, but to bounce and shoot a basketball while doing it. “I got turned onto Heroes Sports by one of our mentors who just became the third purple heart recipient to summit Mt Everest this spring,” says Rob Powers, founder of the mentoring program, he adds, “then I’m in Jordan talking with a senior NCO who mentions Heroes Sports founder Mike Barker and how he knew the two of us would get along.” 

Upon return from the middle east trip, Powers reached out to Barker and the two instantly hit it off.  “Rob started mentoring 11 years ago after loosing a friend in Afghanistan and I started our organization for much the same reason,” says Mike Barker who along with others have created a comprehensive sports and outdoors program for active duty and veteran service members a like. “Rob asked if any of our team members had done much life story sharing on active duty bases and the answer was not that much.” 

That’s all changing quickly, as American300 and Heroes Sports have organized the first THREEonTHREE Basketball Tour with US Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi Service Members this week.   While the Heroes Sports players will be sharing their life stories with Coasties for the first time, they’ll also be playing a game that is anything but new to this group of Army veterans.  

“It’s a natural partnership, Mike and his team are showcasing one of the most critical elements to resilient living - teamwork.  Through group activity individuals who might otherwise not have a ‘shipmate’ or ‘battle buddy’ end up being surrounded by them.  True teamwork breeds trusted communication and a willingness to engage with the person on your left and right.” says Powers, adding that American300 is constantly looking for ways to showcase resilient living in new and meaningful ways. 

This will be American300’s third trip to USCG Sector Corpus Christi and first for the Heroes Sports members: Dante Langston, Ian 'Doc' Crews, Bryan Burr and Mike Barker, all US Army Veterans.  For more information on American300 and Heroes Sports programming go to:www.American300.org  www.heroessports.org Both also have platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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