August Brings Two Purple Heart Summits Expeditions

American300 Public Affairs -  As our team of Purple Heart Summits ( PHS ) climbers descended Mount Rainer last weekend after a successful team summit one member of the team was headed home to simply repack for another major climb half a world away. 

There are favorable seasons to climb certain mountains around the world and August has provided the perfect backdrop for Mount Rainer and Carsensz Pyramid PHS climbs.

The Rainier team included veterans AJ Hunter and Rob Powers, US Army along with new comer Amber Fifer, USMC.  They were joined by team leader Chris Klinke, Chhiring Dorje Sherpa, Meg Tulley and Gretchen Powers - public affairs.   

This coming week PHS team members Benjamin Breckheimer - US Army, Chris Klinke, Dr. Bryan Scheer and two very special supportive friends from New Zealand will be attempting Indonesia’s Carsensz Pyramid, with a goal of supporting Breckheimer’s pursuit of the 7 summits.   

If the Indonesia PHS team is successful Benjamin, will have 2 remaining summits in his quest to become the first Purple Heart Recipient to achieve the continental 7 summits of the world. 

Purple Heart Summits is a program of the all volunteer nonprofit with a mission of supporting our Department of Defense and Department of State efforts worldwide. Special thanks go to: Rural Partners in Medicine, Trango, Big Agnes, Honey Stinger, Rab, The North Face and special NZ friends for making 2018 PHS programming possible. 

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