Vietnam P.O.W. Pilot Meets Minot Airmen

American300 Public Affairs - May 8, 2013

Minot Air Force Base, ND -   The American300 Never Quit Series returns to this Air Force Global Strike Command base this week with what can only be described as a walking, living and breathing billboard of the series name: Never Quit.

Retired Air Force Major General Edward ‘Ed’ Mechenbier, joins series host Robi Powers of American300 for 3 days of engagement with the 91st Missile Wing and 5th Bomb Wing Airmen this week.   “We’ve had so many unbelievable special guests visit Minot over the past year” says Powers, whose list of volunteers includes a virtual who’s who of been there done that and lived to tell about it  “(Major General) Ed Mechenbier's over 30 years of service to our country speaks for itself, but his nearly 6 years of confinement as a Prisoner of War in Vietnam makes his life story very unique.” 

American300 as a nonprofit serves one primary mission: to support the Department of Defense. “We believe in mentoring and Maj General Mechenbier has one heck of a story and way of telling it” says Powers “anyone can read about proper family, career and personal management techniques, what we do is bring in walking or rolling examples and let the conversations flow, imagination ignite, renew the passion for living and individuals doing things right for themselves and those around them.” 

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More on Major General Mechenbier via his book: "Life On A $5 Bet"

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