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1second  This is your 4th Armed Forces Entertainment Wrangler National Patriot Tour... what's going to make this one so special ?  That once again we are privileged to represent everyone that lives our western life-style and be with our troops on foreign soil on Memorial day, a day to honor all our veterans that have given the ultimate sacrifice serving our County.  A very humbling and rewarding experience that I've been fortunate enough to experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now in Africa and Turkey.  

2-3seconds  What's been a highlight from past tours?  I would say the individuals we meet, from 18 year old young men and women to 8 plus time tour of duty veterans.   Being able to step into their sandbox far from home and say thank you for serving our country and learn as much about them and their families back home as time allows. 

4-5seconds  Your job at Wrangler has you working with the world's best professional cowboys....  what made you pick Kaycee Feild four years ago as the Cowboy to come on this tour each year?  Kaycee has great 'jeans'... his father Lewis and his mom Veronica's that is, who I have known for a long time.  When I asked Kaycee if he was interested in going to Iraq back in 2010 and visiting the troops - he said "Heck Ya" ... it didn't matter when it was or what rodeos he missed, that is the attitude of a great and giving individual... I knew I asked the right cowboy.   He will go 20 hours a day, sleep wherever we end up, and always have a smile and good words for our troops - the fact that he is now a 2X World Champion is just a bonus. 

6seconds What's your favorite thing to pack in your luggage when going on these trips? My Ipod...Love to crank up the music when we're flying blackhawks across the  deserts and mountains on the way to vist our troops stationed at the FOB's and COP's and it has a photo gallery that allows me to see my rockstar (daughter) Cheyenne and family and friends anytime which is great.  

7seconds What would you like to say to troops serving around the world... that you won't get to meet on this tour?   Wherever you are stationed and in whatever capacity you serve... The entire Western Community appreciates you and your families sacrifices to keep our Country strong and Freedom ringing loud!  

8seconds You've shared these Memorial Day Tours with thousands upon return to rodeo arenas and western events across the country each year... what are your favorite tour aspects to share with the American public?   That America is in great hands and our service men and women are awesome.  In addition to targeting the bad guys, I  also like to relate how our troops are helping the people of countries like Afghanistan, building schools and infrastructure, bringing water and roads where needed and teaching sustainable farming and ranching practices.... Plus I like to brag on the Stars I get to travel with: Kaycee Feild, Lucas Hoge, Maegan Ridley, Annie Elliott, and Rob Powers with American300. 

GO ROUND WIN... thanks Mr. Chadwick!

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