Only The Best Come North... lights out laughs on tour visits northern air base

Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota-  Chris Lytle started mixed martial arts fighting to support his family.  After the birth of his second child the full-time fire fighter and his wife realized that they either found a way to increase their income or his kids would have to go to day care while both parents worked.  Not exactly a uncommon theme amongst today’s average American family.

American300 and Air Force Global Strike Command have brought the winningest UFC Bonus Champion to Minot as part of the Never Quit Series.  A program designed by American300 to provide extraordinary all volunteer mentors to the command's five bases on a monthly basis.

Joining the cage fighter on tour is fellow hoosier state Indy resident Jim Peters.  “Jim’s a  renowned musician and international comedian, but more important to this mission... a close friend to Chris Lytle” commented Lieutenant Colonel Michael Rakozy, on tour with American300 as the Major Commands lead liaison “Jim and Chris represent the ultimate ‘wing man’ approach, something that as our Airmen have been learning about these men’s life stories resonates loud and clear.” 

Cage fighter and Comedian...   Two men with completely different backgrounds, but who through friendship and a common goal of helping American Troops move forward in a positive direction.

As Chris Lytle shared his life story with the members of the 5th Bomb Wing’s Security Forces Squadron it became clear to Airmen here why he is considered one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time.   “There was no way I was going to let my kids be raised by strangers.  There was money to be made fighting and I was determined to do whatever it took to bring it home to my wife and kids.” 

Whatever it takes while Never Quiting...

Unlike many American professional athletes who come from humble beginnings and climb to the pinnacle of success and financial reward, Chris Lytle stayed true to his family, goals and friends.  Pouring as much time as possible into his family and job while juggling the demanding training in his local Indy gym, he quickly climbed up through the ranks of MMA UFC fighting.  While faced with more then one setback along the way, he managed to overcome and adapt along the way through personal fortitude and family and friends that he had surrounded himself with.  

The family man fire fighter who became a champion...

 “When Chris started winning fights and bonuses he got told by many to leave his ‘day job’ and move to (Las) Vegas... train with other UFC champions in premier gyms,  be closer to the action”  says Jim Peters,  “... but that’s not what made Chris tick, he’d always surrounded himself with the right people... people he could trust completely to help him make the right decisions in life. Leaving his home and trusted support network just wasn’t something that fit his style.” 

The ‘Lights Out Laughs On’ Never Quit Series tour continues here at Minot Air Force Base today with a morning spent at the McAdoo Fitness Center.  Airmen from both the 91st Missile Wing and 5th Bomb Wing as well as family members will have an opportunity to come workout and learn more about this UFC champions life.

American300 has a history of putting amazing individuals ‘toe to toe’ with troops both here at Air Force Global Strike Command bases and around the world.  This will mark the first time the nonprofit has put a UFC Champion ‘toe to toe’ with Airmen ‘in the ring’. 

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you don’t get opportunities like this everyday.”  says A1C Dalton of 5th Bomb Wing Security Forces Squadron “I can’t wait!” 

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Photo By: 5th Bomb Wing Public Affairs - Minot AFB 

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