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Air Force Global Strike Command, Malmstrom Air Force Base- Decorated U.S. Army Ranger Howard 'Mad Max' Mullen MSGT ret. arrived here Tuesday evening. The temperatures had dropped into the thirties, wind was coming out of the north at 5-10 mph... there was a mix of clouds overhead keeping from Max the true 'big sky' night time effect that this state has to offer.

"I've got A Bags with gear in the back for you guys, the Security Forces Group is waiting to brief you in and we've got a Lieutenant that will be your escort and driver tonight for the Missile Activation Facility visits" announced Senior Master Sergeant Jerry Hall, the American300 Never Quit Series local advisor and liaison. It was the first time the Legion of Merit recipient, U.S. Army Ranger had been here and only second base in the five base chain of command that comprises Air Force Global Strike Command that'd he was about to roll onto... and operate out of over the next 30+ hours.

"The Missile Activation Facilities... are what Robi calls the 'Best Western Hotels' joked Sr Hall to Max as the group along with Major Hayley James, of USAFGSC Command HQ who is serving as the overall escort and liaison to American300 for the individual monthly resiliency visits to the bases, drove the short distance from Great Falls International Airport to the main gate entrance to Malmstrom AFB. "The MAF's will have 'X" number of Security Forces Airmen, a Missile Chef (yes they have their own cooks) and 'X' number of Missileers down underground manning the actual launch control centers." Sr Hall explained. "We're going to have you rolling out to them in one hour.

The local time as 2200. Mad Max Mullen along with American300 Never Quit Series host Robi Powers had just spent the early morning hours and mid day at Barksdale AFB with some of the commands EOD and MUNS professional Airmen. Now it was time to meet their northern tear counterparts... the teams that drive over 8 million miles per year in total, maintaining, protecting and manning some of our nation's nuclear minuteman missiles. "We'll be headed out to Oscar 1, which is a 3 hour drive, it's located on the eastern edge of our area of responsibility... after some time with the Airmen there we'll start working our way back to the farthest western MAF's controlled by the 341st Bomb Wing...with a goal of having you back on base tomorrow at noon." said Lt. Whitman, as he drove Mad Max and Robi off the base.

Local time was 2330.

Ranger Mad Max wants to share with you not only his amazing time spent meeting the Missileers of the 341st, their maintainers and security forces members, but he also wants to add a soldiers perspective to the American300 Never Quit Air Force Global Strike Command Series. Our goal is that we'll be able to share his thoughts with all prior to spooling up and rolling out with the members of our countries 91st Missile Wing and 5th Bomb Wing, Minot Air Force Base, Minot North Dakota.

Dispatch from Mad Max...coming soon!

What an amazing trip so far on the American 300 "Never quit series the Ranger Perspective Tour" along with my good friend and founder of the American 300 Warrior Tours Robi Powers. This has been a none stop journey, better yet a whirl wind tour and at times felt as if I was conducting extended combat operations with little sleep.

We are guests of Air Force Global Strike Command. The first leg of the trip took us to Barksdale AFB, in Shreveport LA, home of USAFGSC and 2nd Bomb Wing along with the Stratofortrous Bomber. As we arrived on post the first thing that caught my eyes were the B-52‘s... parked on the tarmac and flying overhead. My mind drifted back to when I was a kid growing up, watching the old black and white movie: "Doctor Strange Glove" starring; James Earl Jones, George C. Scott, Peter O' Tool, and Sam Pikins. It was a classic Cold War Era film and I fondly recalled the scene where the nuke was caught in the bomb bay door and Sam Pickins straddle it in an attempt to release it, eventually riding it down to earth like a cowboy in true glory.

On a serious note, looking at the bombers I wondered how many of those air frames flew missions over North Vietnam during the massive bombing campaign over Hanoi titled "Operation Linebacker I & II".

After dropping of our bags in the room we wasted little time moving out to meet the Airman. Our first stop was a visit with the Air Force Security Force who have the responsibility of providing base security of the bombers, installation, and gate access.

We were met at there brand new Security Force Headquarters where we we giving a tour of their brand new state-of-art Armory. The armory was one of the best maintained and organized armores I have seen on a military installation. As I spoke to the young Airman I could see he took a lot of pride in his work and he gave us a detailed and very professional briefing.

The next stop was with the Air Force Special Response Team (SRT). I shared with them my experience as I spoke on leadership, team work the the awesome responsibility of the Noncommissioned Officer (NCO). We covered combative’s and had a little fun going over some techniques.

We visited the Guard Post, rode patrol, and participated in a demonstration

exercise, where we role played being searched. I can say that what caught my eye during this trip was the youth if these Airman and the tremendous responsibility placed upon their shoulders. Highly professional, courteous and respectful. There is so much more I could say about these fine Air Force young men and woman I met, so stay tuned.. there will be so much more to follow... like how you can drive 8.5 hours through northern Montana , spend 11.5 hours away from Malmstrom AFB... to visit the outstanding young men and women of today’s Air Force Global Strike Command Missile Alert Facilities.

This is Mad Max signing off for now.

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American300 Never Quit Series is produced by American300, the 501c3 all volunteer nonprofit for Air Force Global Strike Command. For more information on the program contact: Rob Powers, American300 Warrior Tours Manager: No federal endorsement of sponsor or nonprofit is intended.

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