Youth Development - focus of new Olympic sport in El Salvador

El Salvador - After years of working with the El Salvador Olympic Committee’s family of sport, American300 ONETEAM programming with support from the Colgan Foundation have agreed to focus support on El Salvador’s Rugby Federation and a program called “ESA Youth Rugby Project 2020.” 

Currently, there is no comprehensive youth rugby program in the country and the goal of ‘Project 2020’ is to see participation grow from zero to over a thousand in the next 4 years. 

“There’s only so much Eduardo Palomo, president of the ESA Olympic Committee and his organization can do to support the full array of Olympic sanctioned sports throughout the country,” says Rob Powers, founder of American300, adding “ Our goal is to support the ESA Olympic Committee’s efforts by focusing on this amazing opportunity to grow a new Olympic sport.” 

Working with Daniel Olano, president of the El Salvador Rugby Federation, American300 ONETEAM programming will focus on youth development.  “Daniel has a vision and it is centered on youth programming in mass, which imatches our programs goals completely.” says Daniel Beery, Olympic gold medalist and American300 ONETEAM sports ambassador. 

This coming week, Olano along with newly hired development manager Felipe Flores, a long time Olympic Committee staff member who resigned from the Olympic Committee in February, will be hosting Powers and Beery. “ We have meetings scheduled with the Mayors of: Santa Tecla, San Pedro Masahuat, San Miguel and San Jose Guayabal, in what will serve as an official launch to the program as these cities have agreed to work with ESA Rugby in developing youth programming.” says Felipe Flores.  

“We’re incredibly grateful to both the ESA Olympic Committee and ESA Rugby for the continued work they do providing sports opportunity to the youth of El Salvador,” says Beery, “on any given day athletic fields across El Salvador are packed with soccer players, our goal is to encourage a whole new group of youth to join these players on the field of play with this new Olympic sports offering.” he added. 

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