Olympic Gold Medalist... dream big El Salvador

San Salvador - Since 1925, El Salvador has had an Olympic Committee, in 1938 the organization was recognized by the International Olympic Committee and has been competing in the Olympic Games ever since. 

This week, U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Beery is traveling to the smallest of the Central American countries to share is Olympic Medal and excite the current stable of athletes and get them to focus on dreaming big.   This will mark the second time that Beery, who now lives just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has traveled away from home in the hopes of igniting the fire from within with up and coming Olympic athletes.  

As part the 'ONETEAM' American300 Envoy program he has also visited Turkmenistan.

Sharing the Olympic Spirit and in this case an Olympic medal is all a part of American300's overall mission to encourage communities to come together and grow together.  "We believe strongly that through dialogue and friendship the world will be a better place," says Robi Powers, founder of the nonprofit American300, adding "Dan's road to Olympic stardom wasn't without it's rough edges. Our hope is that the athletes of El Salvador will grow from the experience and realize that they too can achieve the podium someday." 

To date, Olympic podiums have eluded the nation. 

Beery and Powers will be hosted by El Salvador's Olympic Committee President Eduardo Palomo Pacas and staff this week.  The two will visit several teams and participate in the El Salvador Olympic Committee's annual gala as special guests.  "I'm incredibly honored to meet these athletes and Olympic Committee staff members this week, there was a time when if someone had told me I'd be a World and Olympic record holder I would have laughed," says Beery, who now works for an athlete advocate insurance company, adding "with the right dreams and effort anything is possible, I hope that by spending some time with these athletes, coaches and staff I'll be able to show them that anything is possible."

American300 is a NGO/AVO focused on strengthen individuals, families and the communities in which they live and operate.  No federal endorsement is implied or intended.  American300 is a United States nonprofit 501c3 all volunteer organization headquartered at Gries Financial in Cleveland, Ohio.  For more information on American300 please visit:  www.American300.org 

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