Former Navy SEAL Visits USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center

American300 Public Affairs - March 1, 2015 
Pickel Meadows California -  There was a time when Dr. Michael Gotchey spent a fair amount of time around Marines, but that was back when the Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine wore something other then Wrangler jeans and Cowboy boots to work.  

As a United States Navy UDT 12 and SEAL Team 1 member, Doc Gotchey operated in and around all branches of service.  After the Vietnam War, the Sailor left the Navy to pursue a career as a Veterinarian.  Now 40 plus years later the Navy SEAL is reuniting with a program that is close to his heart. 

Since the Korean war, the United States Marine Corps has lead from the front, ensuring that all branches of service know how to operate in compartmentalized terrain.   Whether that be operating in the mountains of Afghanistan or mountainous jungles of the Pacific, the USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center ( MWTC ) has provided the necessary training to Troops of all service branches for over 60 years.   

When operations call for movement in some of the ruggedest terrain on earth, there’s a high probability that Troops who have gone through one or more of the courses that the MWTC has to offer, are involved. 

So how do you move equipment and personnel in areas where roads aren’t established and aviation assets can’t be deployed?  The answer is simple, on foot... or in the case of one of the MWTC’s newest programs... on hoof. 

“I’ve been a supporter of American300 programming for years, so when my friend Rob (Powers) asked if I’d like to visit the MWTC and learn about one of their newest courses (Special Operations Horsemanship Program), I was like: when do we go,” says, Dr. Gotchey, who for years has served as a board member of the American Association of Veterinarian State Boards and Colorado’s State Board of Veterinarian Medicine. 

While the vast majority of programming is focused on Service Member resiliency teachings with units and bases all over the world, the nonprofit has been involved in supporting the MWTC’s cadre with subject matter experts on a wide array of topics for several years.  “We have a number of volunteers like Doc Gotchey, who are subject matter experts in areas that surround core instruction at the training center,” says Robi Powers the founder of American300 who himself was a cadre member of the US Army’s Mountain Warfare program back in the early 80’s, adding, “What our guests bring to the table isn’t something we discuss, but talking about the MWTC and the amazing Cadre of Instructors and support staff who serve our nation in this remote part of the eastern Sierra Nevada is too easy... they are amazing.” 

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