Everest Expedition Leader Meets Mountain Defenders

American300 Public Affairs - 1/30/15
Colorado Springs, Colorado -   

This weekend while millions watch the NFL’s 49th Super Bowl, Chris Klinke, a man who has stood on the summit of the world’d tallest mountain on numerous occasions will be inside one.   

Situated hundreds of feet above the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station is home to one of the most comprehensive command and control centers in the world.  The facility which can withstand direct nuclear strikes is home to the U.S. Air Force 21st Space Wing’s 721st Mission Support Group.  

With an operational calendar which is never ending, Airmen operators and defenders are inside the mountain working under the glow of artificial light 24 hours a day 365 days out of the year... including Super Bowl Sunday’s. 

For climbing guide Chris Klinke, achieving success on top of mountains boils down to three key factors: 1 percent physical, 9 percent luck and 90% mental

“We work to bring guest mentors to bases around the world that Service Members can relate to,” says Robi Powers, founder of the all volunteer nonprofit American300 Tours, adding, “Chris has stood on top of the world’s tallest peaks and done so most often as a leader rather then follower.  His dedication to duty in the mountains is in line with that of our defenders and operators inside the mountain and serving our military around the world.” 

While this will be Klinke’s first visit to Cheyenne Mountain, it’s not his first American300 Tour.  “My experiences with visiting the USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center last year gave me a heightened awareness and appreciation for the sacrifices our military makes for us everyday,” says Klinke, who adds, “One night I was sitting around a squad’s campfire surrounded by snow caves and we delved into a discussion about the friends we’ve all lost. The similarities between the Marine Snipers and the mountaineering community are extraordinary in size and scope of people involved.  The difference being that the sacrifices made in the military far outweigh any in the civilian world.” 

Bringing together individuals with amazing backgrounds and allowing them to connect on a personal level is the bedrock of American300 programming.   In the case of Chris Klinke, there will be the opportunity for Airmen to not only catch a glimpse of what it’s like to operate on the highest slopes of the planet, but to gather valuable life lessons on strategic and tactical decission making.  “ 99% of the accidents that happen in the mountains can be linked back to one or two bad leadership decisions,” says Klinke, “but recognizing and respecting the processes goes a long ways towards making better choices in the mountains and in life.” he added.

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