Vietnam P.O.W. - Major General Mechenbier Visits USCG D5

US Coast Guard District 5 -  American300 returned to the United States Coast Guard as ‘Service with Honor’ featuring Major General Edward Mechenbier, USAF retired visited USCG Small Boat Stations: Crisfield and Ocean City. 

Designed to allow guests the ability to share their personal life stories with Service Members in a relaxed ‘embedded’ style, the General spent 24 hours on deck with both stations located in remote eastern shore Maryland.  

“The focus of these tours is to allow connectivity, personal sharing of service stories and for our guests to interact with unit members in a 'part of the team' setting,” says Robi Powers, founder of American300 Tours, adding “It’s often times easier when I have a Olympic medalist then a decorated General, who happens to be a Vietnam P.O.W. as well, but the senior leadership involved with this tour ensured that the visit was focused on their teams which is the way the General likes it, despite the obvious military courtesy and respect that follows the General wherever he goes.” 

From Aids to Navigation Boats to Heavy Weather Surf Boats, General Mechenbier shared his personal story of resiliency and learned first hand the mission sets facing today's small boat stations. 

“We never went to a P.O.W. school house that taught us how to survive through years of solitary confinement and torture,” reflected the General in front of a group of Coast Guardsmen, “You all could survive the same abuse and years of confinement that I experienced... it all comes down to living for the man next to you. We closed ranks and took care of our own, created a bond that was unbreakable.” he added.   

Maj General Mechenbier will continue to visit United States Coast Guard Stations with his next American300 Service with Honor Tour scheduled for mid January when he visits Station Ketchikan, Alaska.

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American300 is a 501c3 all volunteer nonprofit dedicated to supporting the DoD and DoS with subject matter experts in resiliency.   No federal endorsement of sponsors or nonprofit is ever intended or implied.   American300 works with Coast Guard MWR and USCG HQ to establish these tours.  Commanders requesting American300 Tours should contact USCG HQ PAO.

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