World Champion Pulls Off Circuit to Salute Service Members on Week-Long USO/American300 Tour to Alaska

American300 Public Affairs - Story by Mike Lane

For World Champion Bareback Rodeo Cowboy Kaycee Feild, taking his cowboy hat off for our nation’s troops has become a Memorial Day tradition.  The son of Hall of Fame World Champion Cowboy Lewis Feild, a legend in the sport, young Kaycee Feild grew up riding horses in Elk Ridge, Utah - a small ranching community south of Salt Lake City with the goal of following in his father’s boot steps.

Unlike his father, who retired from the pro ranks in 1991, the current world champion isn’t in the Cowboy Hall of Fame, but is certainly headed in that direction.  He just needs to finish up his career first and doesn’t have any intention of stopping soon. Ranked number one in the world as of Memorial Day 2014, the younger Feild has his eyes set on winning his fourth straight world championship title this year. 

“When Wrangler and American300 asked if I’d be willing to pull off the circuit back in 2010 and tour bases saluting our troops throughout the Memorial Day week, I knew it’d cause me to lose some valuable points,” says Feild, who is now married and has a young daughter.  He adds, “Back when we started doing the Wrangler National Patriot Troop Tour, I was just a college national champion so the pressure to put up world championship points wasn’t as great as it is now.”

Now, five years later, Feild just smiles when fans and fellow cowboys talk of his obvious absence from the pro circuit during the last week in May. “I attribute so much of what has gone into winning three straight world championships to the annual Memorial Day Troop Tour that I participate with American300 and now the USO each year.” says Field.  “To spend 10-14 days each year with our nation’s finest is the best mental training a cowboy can have.  Our troops have been and continue to be as much a part of my professional success as my family and friends.” 

With visits to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Pacific Command behind him, Feild and fellow USO Wrangler National Patriot Tour members: Annie Bianco Ellett, Maegan Ridley, Lucas Hoge and Jeff Chadwick, are focused on the United States Coast Guard during this year’s tour.

“We’ve spent a lot of time with the Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force over the past Memorial Day tours,” says Annie Bianco Ellett, a Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association Hall of Fame World Champion.  “To be able to focus on the Coasties this time really brings the five year experience into perspective. I mean we’re all fives this year; five years visiting troops, five cowboys and cowgirls and five branches of service visited and all equally important to our freedoms.” 

American300 volunteer tour leader John Bates agrees, “putting cowboy hats and boots and the champions that wear them on the decks and docks of the United States Coast Guard is as good as it gets, thanks to the USO and American300 for making it happen this year.”

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