Perfection In All They Do… olympians visit nuclear missile and bomber base

Olympic Gold Medalist - Phil Mahre - US Ski Team
Minot Air Force Base, Minot North Dakota -   When Olympic Gold and Silver Medalists Phil and Steve Mahre, showed up for training they’d mentally prepared as best they could.  Their skis were waxed and sharpened by professionals... they were ready to strive for excellence. Throughout their careers as two of America’s greatest alpine ski racers they attained results that others only dreamed about.  

From Olympic gold and silver to world cup and world championship globes... they were simply the best.  How they trained had a huge part to do with their results, but they never had to achieve total perfection on a daily basis.  Race days provided the exam and in their case the scores where more times then not... perfect. 

This week, the Mahre brothers, will travel to this northern tear nuclear missile and bomber base to share life lessons learned and meet America’s nuclear force defenders and operators.   Joining them,  Olympian and X Games star Erin Simmons Nemec.   “I’ve been volunteering for American300 for several years now, they’ve had me on 2 nuclear bomber and 1 missile base so far, Minot has both and I can’t wait to share the experience with the Mahre brothers,” said Nemec, who like the Mahre brothers is now a parent and married, “ they’re going to be newbies learning about a mission that demands perfection on a daily basis.” 
Olympic Silver Medalist - Steve Mahre

Using on the ground personal life story telling and sharing is the mission of American300.  “We know that Airmen zoom through their mandatory computer based resiliency training.  Our goal is to bring aspects of the United States Air Forces Comprehensive Airmen Fitness program to life... put a face on it... make it relate-able.” says the nonprofits founder Robi Powers, of Steamboat Springs Colorado, a Veteran and retired US Ski Team coach. 

While the entire United States Armed Forces strive for perfection each and every day, the Air Force Global Strike Command bases along with other nuclear capable commands in the Navy have to achieve it or face being showcased on world and national news hours.   “We travel to bases all over the world supporting the DoD with resiliency training enhancement. We work with command problems, service members that make mistakes and accidents that occur as a result,” says Powers, adding, “It’s almost a luxury that some mission sets allow for minor mistakes to occur, Air Force Global Strike along with the rest of the DoD’s nuclear capable teams just can’t slip up.” 

“I believe the demands of what I did in the sporting world are nothing compared to what these service members go through regularly” - Steve Mahre 

Striving to be perfect each and everyday is something the hall of fame skiing Mahre brothers know a thing or two about.  “As athletes our training was where we found our limits and mistakes could be made without consciences.  It was only on competition days that perfection mattered.  These Airmen have to be perfect all the time, I hope they understand how special they are.” said Phil Mahre, his brother Steve adding,“I believe the demands of what I did in the sporting world are nothing compared to what these service members go through regularly.” 

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