Dreaming of a Mansion... the devon harris story

by American300 Public Affairs

Barksdale AFB, Shreveport LA-  When Devon Harris was a young boy he would walk out onto the streets of Kingston Jamaica and gaze at the millionaire mansions a few miles away.  Devon and his family were dirt poor; dirt like the floors in his families house. 

As the years went by his mother would grew accustomed to Devon’s daydreaming. Much of it done starring at the mansions and all that they represented to the young man.  Devon dreamed of a day when he too could live in a huge home,  own an automobile and store it in a garage.  He dreamt of living in a home that would end his four other siblings having to share a small bedroom and single bed.

Devon Harris dreamed of Mansions...

“Everyone told me I was never going to get out of the ghetto, that there was no way I could become a Jamaican Army Officer, let alone attend Sandhurt in England” reflected Devon Harris, in front of B52 Maintainer Crew Chiefs on the tarmac today.   “Add making 3 Olympic Teams... as a Bobsledder for the tropical island to the list. Over the years I learned to keep my dreams away from the negative people in my life... they would just tell me I couldn’t do it.”  

The nay sayers out numbered the ‘you can do it’ crowd.  Devon’s: ‘Yes You Can Team’ didn’t exist.  

Despite all the negatives; Devon Harris kept dreaming.

“Just getting out of the Ghetto was an accomplishment worth celebrating and taking lifetime stock in” says Devon “But I couldn’t stop there.  I had a fire burning within to do the unthinkable.”

Devon Harris’ life story is one of doing the unthinkable.  From the ghetto of Kingston, he went onto be commissioned in the Jamaican Army Defense Forces by completing the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Officers course in Surrey, England.   A few years later he founded the first ever Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team.  Today he has become an American citizen and works with two international charities to improve the quality of life for young boys and girls around the world.

“If you want me to get something done, tell me I can't do it” says Devon “I was trained at a young age that my dreams were bigger then many of the people around me.”

For the Airmen of the 2nd Bomb Wing here at Barksdale Air Force Base, while many may have missed watching Devon and his teammates compete in Calgary, Canada back in 1988...  most had watched the Disney film depicting the team; ‘Cool Runnings’. 

“The film is way off... not even close to the truth, but it did make our effort famous... for that the Jamaican Olympic Committee owes Disney.” says Harris “If you get in the habit of not quitting, eventually you will get to the point where you don’t know how to quit.” 

Air Force Global Strike Command and American300 are presenting Devon Harris to the Airmen of the MAJCOM as part of the ‘Never Quit Series’. A MAJCOM initiative to share individuals ranging from Wounded Warriors to Olympic Athletes and others who all posses incredible mental toughness... a Never Quit life story. 

“I can’t wait to get home and do something” said Staff Sergeant Davis of the 2BW/CES shop this afternoon, “I don’t know exactly what it is that I want to do, I just know that I need to get home and doing something... meeting Devon has me all fired up!”

Stay tuned as Devon and American300 Never Quit Series host Robi Powers head west to F.E. Warren AFB for the next stop on: ‘Devon Harris - Keep On Pushing Never Quit Series Tour’.

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