Fire and Ice Visits Northern Air Force Bases

Minot Air Force Base, ND -    When looking for Winter Olympians, Metairie, Louisiana the Jefferson Parish township of New Orleans doesn't come to mind.   The same can be said about Jazz Musicians and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Steamboat's known for it's champagne powder and dozens of Olympians who head off to the winter games every four years after all...

So what brings a Jazz Musician and Winter Olympian together?   The answer: Fire!

As a toddler Dan Caro was engulfed in flames leaving him without hands and over seventy percent of his body scarred.   For Todd Lodwick, the dance with the devil took place when he was fourteen, the result a carburetor exploding on a family car, thanks to his older brother Kris, who tackled and smothered him, 'only' thirty percent of his body was melted away.

Caro, grew up not really knowing anything other then what fates hand had dealt him.  Both had to adjust and adapt.   While their life stories are still being written, what they've each accomplished to date is nothing short of awesome.

The two have come together in American300's 'Fire & Ice Tour' as part of the nonprofits Air Force Global Strike Command Never Quit Series.    When Dan agreed to mentor troops for us we knew the tour could be even greater if Todd could join him, says Robi Powers the founder of American300's resiliency programs.  Then Dan throws out 'Fire and Ice' as a tour name and it all just came together.

The renowned jazz drummer and Olympic medalist,  bringing stories of resiliency to the troops.  Stay with us as the Fire & Ice Tour rolls onto Minot Air Force Base and it's 5th Bomb Wing later today.



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American300 is a 501c3 nonprofit focused on increasing troop resiliency through unique mentoring programs.  No federal endorsement of nonprofit or sponsors is ever intended.

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