American300 Sends Staff Sergeant to London

F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne Wyoming-    After one month and 1.6 million meters of rowing Staff Sergeant Jarrod White, USAF was able to grab his backpack this morning and hoist it over his shoulder with little effort and no pain... two months ago that wouldn’t have been so easy to say... or do. 
From April 5th to May 5th SSG White, like thousands of Airmen stationed at Air Force Global Strike Command bases in the U.S. were rowing... not in a boat, but on Concept2 Rowing Machines.   The effort a part of the command’s partnership in resiliency programming with the nonprofit American300.  
“Our nonprofit is in the business of delivering resiliency rich guests to bases around the world” says Robi Powers, the nonprofits founder and creator of a series of resiliency visits to Air Force Global Strike Command Bases called ‘The Never Quit Series’.  “When we can combined special guest visits with a fun competitive challenge and the command throws in it’s support... you end up with something like this Rowing Challenge that hits one out of the ballpark.”
Or over the Atlantic Ocean...
With the London Summer Olympic Games kicking off next week, American300 is sending Staff Sergeant White along with Olympians Dan Beery and Sean Colgan to London.  Once there the team will be joined by Powers in presenting 5 custom Concept2 Rowing machines to the United Kingdom’s British Armed Forces. “Rowing is a national past-time in England and the British Armed Forces all have service branch rowing clubs” says 1980 Olympian Sean Colgan, who will be coaching a national team during the upcoming Games “ To be able to bring Jarrod over and have him meet his counterparts in the Royal Armed Forces, have our nonprofit (Colgan sits on American300’s Board of Directors) present a small token of appreciation to the British Armed Forces for their efforts in securing the Games... it’s all good.” 
Securing the Games... British Armed Forces asked to step in during eleventh hour...

With the announcement this week that private contractor G4S fell short in providing security personnel and Olympic Organizers calling upon the British Government and Armed Forces to fill the gab in security,  the trip to London to present a simple ‘thank you’ organized over half a year ago comes at just the right time.  “I’ve been side by side with British Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan for years now, just a few days ago I was at Camp Bastion, in the Hemland providence of Afghanistan surrounded by British Troopers... they are world class coalition partners in the war against terror.” reflected Powers “To be able to say thanks using something that involves one of their beloved sports just made good sense to our team, both 6 months ago and now in the wake of the announcement that thousands of British Troops will be mobilized to perform security functions.” 
Staff Sergeant White and American300’s time in London will be focused on presenting the five Olympic Ring Colored rowing machines to the British Armed Forces, but that doesn’t mean that the British Armed Forces Members are going to let the ‘yanks’ off with  little more then a handshake and photo session. “ We are planning on getting Jarrod out on the water in one of our Royal Armed Forces 8 Man Boats” says Squadron Leader James Thorley, director of the Royal Air Force Rowing Team “What he did to win the Challenge while maintaining his normal duty tasking was nothing short of superb.”
Weather permitting Staff Sergeant White along with Olympians Dan Beery and Sean Colgan of the U.S. will be joined by British Armed Forces members on the water this week... rowing as a 8 man team up and down one of the many rivers that flow through London. 
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American300 is a 501(c)3 all volunteer nonprofit with a mission of increasing the resiliency of our Armed Forces Members, Their Families and the Areas of Operation that they live and operate in.   No federal endorsement of nonprofit or sponsors intended.  American300 Warrior Tours.  

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