November in June... american300 never quit series - baja adaptive 1000 tour

F.E. Warren Air Force Base-  The American300 NEVER QUIT SERIES continued here in Wyoming with the world's best adaptive motocross racers sharing their XGames medals and stories of comeback with Air Force Global Strike Command Airmen.   "November One in June, gotta love it" laughed Jim Wazny, XGames Silver Medalist and above knee amputee " Usually I'm freezing my butt off in November, but today November came in June and it was awesome!"  he added referring to the first stop of the NEVER QUIT SERIES tour and it's location of 'November One' Missile Alert Facility - F.E. Warren Air Force Base.

With the base itself hours away and the team of legendary motocross racers resting their 'foot' in Colorado it was easy for the American300 guests to get a little disoriented "Major Sledge... you can come out to California and manage my day to day anytime" said Chris Ridgway the Xtremety and XGames Gold Medalist below knee amputee who lost his leg to a horrific motocross racing accident " I don't even know what time zone I'm in.. let alone State... and if you asked me to recite all the stuff I've learned today.. well don't even bother going there... I can tell ya right now that it's system overload at Ridg's Camp right now."

From Missile Aleart Facilty Manager and Chef to Security Forces members, the athetes and their coach Paul Thomas learned everything there is to know (public view) about our nations nuclear missile program. "I always thought the folks with the codes and keys hung out right next to the missiles" said Mike Schultz a 3x XGames Gold Medalist and current world champion veteren snocross racer (open class) "today I not only learned how we manage the arsenal but got to meet a small portion of the folks resposible for maintaining, securing and operating our nations missles... makes me feel great!"

Feeling Great... 

"To be organizing this amazing group of adaptive athletes for one of the biggest off road races in the world... and being able to share them with America's finest... there's nothing better" said Paul Thomas, the teams title sponsor and fellow Baja 1000 racer, who served as a Navy Corpsmen during the Gulf War "You gotta respect the job that the missile command has in front of them... it's the real deal... we (Gulf War Veterans) never knew that much about exactly what goes on out here, but the Navy SEALS and Marines that I worked with during the Gulf War commented more then once about the peace of mind we shared knowing that while we were 'over there' the nuclear team had our back 100%."  

The American300 Never Quit Series Air Force Global Strike Command 'Baja Adaptive 1000 Tour continues here at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base tomorrow.  Far away will be members of 'November One Missile Alert Facility', but while they won't be coming back onto base for several days... their presence will be felt by  several of our nations top athletes.   "You can't go out to one of these missile alert facilities and not connect with the studs that guard and maintain the fleet" says Wazny " Tomorrow we're going to meet more great Americans and we might even get to do it in June"  he commented, referring to the Missle Alert Facility (MAF) named November One, that he and his Hero Racing Teammates had spent day one at.

June is a great month too...

American300 would like to thank these incredible athletes and their team manager for giving up the time and energy to be a part of this first ever stateside troop strength program.  The Never Quit Series is a joint partnership between the nonprofit and Air Force Global Strike Command, to place unique 'four wheel drive attitude... been there done that and survived... ' guests on the commands five bases each month when possible .   Baja Adaptive 1000 is the programs 5th unique tour.  While these professional athletes will only visit F.E. Warren and Malmstrom Air Force Bases this week... they've dedicated (and volunteered) their time to finish off visiting the remander of the AFGSC Bases of Minot, Whiteman and Barksdale AFB's later this summer and early fall. 
Stay tuned... we should be able to publicly announce a major Baja 1000 Team Challenge in the days ahead!

The Tour Continues...


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