Barksdale Air Force Base Security... mad max mullen approved

Barksdale Air Force Base- As day one of the Air Force Global Strike Command 'Mad Max Mullen Tour' rolled into day two, Mad Max had already had an opportunity to meet members of the 2nd Bomb Wing's Security Forces Squadron Military Working Dog unit, Swing Shift Security Forces and Security Command Post along with 2nd Bomb Wing Dinning Facility Staffers and Force Support Squadron workers.

Everywhere Mad Max went he was greeted by outstanding American service members who were hyper vigilant, squared away and ready to respond at moments notice. "I want you all to know just how much I respect what you are doing here." said the decorated combat US Army Ranger, who will be visiting this base and others this week as part of the Air Force Global Strike Command American300 NEVER QUIT SERIES, "I'm seeing highly motivated individuals who are so focused on procedure and protocol... it's just an honor to be here with you."

With day one behind the Never Quit Series, Mad Max Mullen and American300 host Robi Powers leaned forward and embrace day two... midnight to 0100 style. "We're going to be taking you on a flight line perimeter surveillance followed by a hostile extremely dangerous vehicle stop exercise. " said one Staff Sergeant as Mad Max loaded up for the 'X' mile drive around the runway here at Barksdale."

With far side surveillance completed it was time to get Mad Max and Robi out of the vehicle they had been riding in, "Driver this is Air Force Security Forces...put your hands out the drivers side window where I can see them... with your left hand take the keys out of the ignition and drop them outside the window.. now take your right hand..." and so went the instructions from a group of flight line security forces personnel... Mad Max and Robi were being taken through one of the many real life exercises... and sometimes real circumstances that Global Strike Command Security Forces members live with on a daily basis.

As Mad Max shared his personal background and that of the US Army Rangers on the flight line this morning, B52's were being worked on, the result of never ending missions that are being flown from this base. Aircraft Maintainers were busy shuttling crews and equipment all over the flight line....another 'new day' was in full swing....and the time wasn't even 0115 (quarter after one in the morning). "Throughout my career I spent some time in some really rough spots, in rough situations...situations that at the time I would have said I'd never want to repeat again." reflected Max to the group. "... but the funny thing about it is... that if given the opportunity to go back and relive it... I'd do it in a second." he added.

Mad Max wrapped up the night (morning) with a meaningful handshake given to young Airmen Martin, a public affairs photographer that had been assigned to the Never Quit Series visit... who within hours, like Mad Max and Robi would be up pushing through the rest of day 'two' here at this historic Bomb Wing and headquarters to our countries Air Force Global Strike Command. "You're outstanding Sean (Airmen Martin) I'd be your Ranger Buddy any day." said the retired Master Sergeant who served our country in all three of the Ranger Battalions, Ranger Regiment and Ranger School as a lead instructor. Passing on a compliment for a job well done to a young Airmen that had truly gone the extra steps. "I've been here over 13 years and this is the first time we've had a special guest like Mad Max out patrolling our streets, flight line and taking the time to talk to our people at 1am that I know of" commented one of the senior NCO's. "That's why were here... to do things a little differently." said Robi "It's going to be a great summer, fall and winter and mark my words... this won't be the last time that I'll have one of our Never Quit Series guests out here checking up on you guys... seeing how your doing out here... no matter what time of day... or night!"

The American300 NEVER QUIT SERIES Air Force Global Strike Command 'Mad Max Mullen Tour' continues here at Barksdale Air Force Base followed by transit to Malmstrom Air Force Base this evening. Stay tuned for more...


American300 NEVER QUIT SERIES is presented by Air Force Global Strike Command. No federal endorsement of sponsor or nonprofit is intended. For comment please contact Robi Powers, American300

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