The Promise Tour... kickoff to Never Quit Series wraps at F.E. Warren Air Force Base

F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne WY- Tom Whittaker, the third-generation son of British Army Officers asked a simple, but powerful question in front of hundreds here today: "What would it take to change your citizenship... "

The American300 Never Quit Series presented by Air Force Global Strike Command wrapped up it's kickoff tour with Tom Whittaker, the world's first amputee/handicapped person to summit Mount Everest speaking with hundreds here today at the oldest continuously active military installation within the Air Force - Francis E. Warren Air Force Base.

Tom Whittaker commented "Those who know my life story, know that I've been 'around the block' a few times, and I feel it's so important to go on the record as saying that in terms of significance and contribution, the Air Force Global Strike Command Never Quit Series is off the scale." as he loaded up to fly home to his family in Prescott, AZ he added, "Never have I felt such a strong sense of purpose and appreciation as I did with the men and women of Air Force Global Strike Command over the five base visits and launching of this program... I can't wait to come back."

The Never Quit Series, is a year long program established by Air Force Global Strike Command's- Lt. General James Kowalski and staff to offer up a new form of resiliency messaging to our troops. "As we move forward with the program our mission will be to provide special guests, like Tom Whittaker, to the Air Force Global Strike Command Bases every 4-6 weeks." says Robi Powers, the founder of American300 Warrior Tours the nonprofit responsible for producing this inspirational/motivational Never Quit Series, and veteran to our country as well as host of the series. "We're going to follow the model that we have been using for our overseas tours, puting our guests in the work spaces and let them really rub shoulders... 'walk a mile in our airman's boots' and allow the stories and inspiration to flow... in the year to come... "

Under a blue sky, light winds and temperatures in the 70's... Tom Whittaker bid far well to the Air Force Global Strike Command... for now. He has agreed to serve as the senior advisor to this inventive approach to troop resiliency for American300 and Air Force Global Strike Command and will make himself available for additional base visits as he oversees others who like himself will be volunteering up their time and energy to 'pass it forward', share their stories and salute our service men and women of Air Force Global Strike Command in the year ahead.

What would it take? Tom Whittaker became and American citizen over 30 years ago... it was a direct result of being awed by the outpouring of support he received after a car accident took his foot and nearly his life on a moonless Thanksgiving evening long ago. "I never would have recovered let alone made it to the top of Mount Everest, had it not been for Americans." said Whittaker, adding "It's an honor to be an American - and I feel it comes with a responsibility to 'pay it forward' each and everyday!

The American300 Never Quit Series continues this coming week with stops at Whiteman and F.E. Warren AFB's, followed by stops at Minot, Malmstrom and Barksdale AFB's the following week as the Air Force Global Strike Command 'Rowing Challenge Tour' featuring special guests: Olympians Sean Colgan and Dan Beery continue the Never Quit Series...

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