The Promise...thousands of airmen make a commitment

Barksdale AFB- The Air Force Global Strike Command's Never Quit Series 'The Promise' tour featuring Tom Whittaker, the first amputee to summit Mount Everest rolled through here on Friday, 24Feb12. The message was a simple one... 'make a promise to yourself to do something amazingly great... commit to something that can improve the lives of those around you... and yourself'. "I've been pushing back on several things I need to do..." said an A1C to Whittaker after a group discussion here this afternoon " hearing your life story was just want I needed... it's time for me to 'get it on'... " he added.

In his signature Welshman's baritone Tom Whittaker told his story, from the moment he realized that he wanted to be one of the world's greats in extreme alpine climbing to the split second that change it all... to how he dealt with the anger of moving on after the drunk driver crashed into him... to the love and support he received from complete strangers...

Tom Whittaker, the son of a British Army Officer changed citizenship and became an American over 30 years ago... not because he'd lost pride, faith or commitment to his homeland of England, but due to the excellence that was bestowed upon him by a small remote community in Idaho and US citizens who he'd met during his brief time here... "I achieved something that no other human had even thought of attempting because of Americans... because of the compassion and humanity that this countries 'greats' bestowed upon me during my rehabilitation... time of greatest need." says Tom "...what would it take to get any of you Air Force members to change your citizenship..." ( ... a bullet was most often the response... back from out nations finest...) "...well that is exactly my point... you can't imagine how completely humbled I was by the 'wingmen' that came to my rescue... helped put me back together... helped me get off the pain med's... helped put a goal out in front of me, that demanded that I kept living to obtain it... inspired me to 'Go for It... Everest'... " he'd conclude.

Tom will be sharing his personal viewpoints in the days to come. To our brothers and sisters at F.E. Warren and Malmstrom AFB's... Robi and Tom will be making 'The Promise Tour' journey to your AOR's in a few weeks to complete this first of many American300 visits to your Command. For those who had a chance to 'put a thumb print' on the one challenge coin that will be carried to the summit of Mount Everest this May... Tom and Robi want you to provide some feedback on how your 'climb' is going... * For those that Tom and Robi missed due to scheduling, duty tasking etc... please know that Lt General Kowalski and Maj General Thomas each pressed their thumbs on the coin with a goal to 'wingman' the thumb print and goals... promises... of each and every member in the command. The 'Promise Challenge Coin' will be taken to the top of the world by Chhiring Dorje Sherpa, a good friend of Robi's and proud supporter of American300 Tours (he climbed Mt Fuji last July with US Marines and US Army soldiers who were involved with the post earthquake efforts (Op Tomadachi) upon placing the Coin on the summit, Chhiring will unfold a US and Global Strike Command flag... and have a picture taken... to signify his
commitment to standing behind each and every Global Strike Command members 'Promise' ... Godspeed with your Climb!

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F.E. Warren and Malmstrom AFB 'The Promise Tour' is currently scheduled for March 21-25.

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