Embassy Rolls Out Red Carpet For Ranger Heroes

Embassy of the United States of America in the Kyrgyz Republic - Marines and US Army Special Operators shaking hands and swapping stories, not in the dirt, but on a highly polished marble floor of our Embassy here.

As well over 350,000 American Troops, Contractors and Coalition Force members move either to or from Afghanistan through Transit Station at Manas (TSM) every year. The US Embassy, located around an hour away conducts business of a different nature, from supporting American visitors, students and businesses to helping create development opportunities, humanitarian efforts simple put the Embassy and it’s staff is working on many fronts to assist many.

Like all US Embassy’s around the world the lead security force members are Marines. Today they had some brothers in arms come through their gates, something that doesn’t happen very often during their deployment.

“US Embassy here in Bishkek, is America’s liaison to the entire country of Kyrgyzstan. With Russia to the north and China to the east, you might think twice about moving your family here to do the job asked of you as an Embassy employee... rest assured the American citizens living and working in Bishkek, sleep well at night knowing the USMC is standing guard, Semper Fi” said Keni Thomas a member of the Armed Forces Entertainment RANGER Tour, featuring veterans of the Special Operations US Army Rangers units of years past.

“Vigilant and highly professional...guardians of the GATE” were the soft words spoken by Mad Max Mullen another member of the team along with Charlie Manas and Danny McKnight “...these men optimize unselfish sacrifice, both here in Kyrgyzstan and around the World.”

“This has been fantastic, we all have watched Black Hawk Down, getting to meet Danny ( Col. McKnight) and Keni (Thomas) along with Max (Mullen) and Charlie (Manis) was great” said a Embassy Staffer, adding “We don’t get a lot of visitors from Manas out here... I know it really has meant a lot to our Marines especially.”

The nonprofit that was responsible for organizing the Ranger Tour for our DoD Armed Forces Entertainment office has been working with both the base and embassy staff to provide more opportunities in the years to come, “back in May I was here with professional Cowboys and Cowgirls... riding horses with the future Olympic Equistrian athletes of this country at their Olympic Training Center, it was fantastic... we can’t wait to develop more resiliency building opportunities that can effect positive growth both on the base... and throughout the community.” said Robi Powers, managing director of the all volunteer nonprofit American300.

With the sun closing in on the rugged 20,000 foot mountain peaks to the west it was time for the Rangers to load up and roll back to Manas. Once final handshakes and salutes were given.... the Rangers rolled out..... “Sir, those Marines are outstanding young men... what an honor to have met them on this tour... “ whispered Max Mullen into Danny McKnight’s ear... an ear that he had spoken into on battle fields of past conflicts, an ear that had withstood the thunderous sounds of war... from a mouth that once again quietly voiced the words... ‘Vigilant Guardians of the Gate - Marines.’

The Tour Continues......

Follow the tour at: www.American300.org

Learn more about Armed Forces Entertainment at: www.armedforcesentertainment.com

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