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Camp Marmal, Afghanistan - With over 160 centers in 10+ countries around the World, the United Services Organization ( USO ) like Armed Forces Entertainment... is coming to a theater near you! The USO was formed back in 1941, it's goal then is unchanged today.... support troops! Minus a short respite that occurred between wars, they've been supplying troops morale boosting and welfare services ever since. With a annual budget of over 130 million dollars... they've been able to do some amazing things... when they see a need... they fill it, fix it or repair it... around the world.

On this the first ever Armed Forces Entertainment RANGER Tour, we at American300 would like to express our thanks to one USO Staff member. His name is Travis Cheers and he's worked for USO a number of years. What makes Travis outstanding aside from his inherant positive 'can do' attitude and selfless commitment to excellence is the fact that he has spent this year in combat zones. From nights filled with incoming enemy rounds to making due with the supplies at hand, Travis has managed to provide tens of thousands of troops with not only a slice of home, but peace of mind as well.

This year American300 found itself in many USO Centers, from Germany to Japan, Iraq to Afghanistan, at all of them, American300 Tours were welcomed with open arms. In the case of Iraq's Basra facility and Afghanistan's Camp Marmal Center, it was Travis who was managing everything from Internet and phone lines to games and reading material. For American300 the USO was a life line of uploading strength. During the Armed Forces Entertainment: Pro Off Road Truck Tour, Wrangler National Patriot, xHEAVY Medal I and now Rangers Tour the USO Centers provided our team leaders and photographers the support needed to continue to feed daily updates in print, video and photos to the thousands who visit our website daily.

With Rangers: Danny McKnight, Mad Max Mullen, Charlie Manis and Keni Thomas now up and out of Afghanistan it's only fitting that we as an organization let Travis Cheers and USO know how much we appreciate the cooperation. American300 is a very small nonprofit, doing a very big mission. Having received the type of support from Travis and the USO made completing that mission possible this year.

For those that don't know, Armed Forces Entertainment has only 2 Official IRS 501(c)3 organizations that it works with in majority; the USO and American300. To those of us who have worked so hard to make the photos, stories and videos available to our Troops Family members while a tour is going on... it goes without saying... that we need to upload quickly... we need to get these photos of our heroes back into the hands of loved ones quickly.

Thanks to Travis and the USO Centers we've been able to provide loved ones around the world with moments captured in some of the most remote operating areas our military serves in.

In the months to come Travis will be leaving the combat zones... he's had 'enough', we just want our supporters to know how much we appreciate the work that this is doing... and will do in the months ahead. Come Home Safely Friend.

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