Inaugural Profiles in Courage Tour

Washington D.C. - The stage is set for the first ever Armed Forces Entertainment 'Profiles in Courage Tour'. Following the motto of our U.S. Army RANGERS (RANGERS Lead The Way) American300 Warrior Tours, the nonprofit tasked with developing the program for our DoD has compiled the first team of American Heroes from 'Saigon to Somalia' (Black Hawk Down) and beyond.

Joining the RANGERS Tour: Danny McKnight (Col ret.), Howard Mad Max Mullen (MSGT ret), Keni Thomas (SSGT Veteran), Charlie Manis (INARNG 151st Rangers - Vietnam Veteran)

Like all American300 Resiliency Tours the goal will be to place these special Guests/Warrior Heroes with our deployed troops in hardship, remote and in the case of this tour combat areas of operation. (Undisclosed)

Days will be spent seeking out troops in hard to find places, putting our guests in face to face one on one situations... and letting them share, get to know each other. Our motto of 'Slow - Resiliency At Work' will continue to be the theme. We will once again work with an outstanding group of on the ground DoD Liaisons to seek out troops who typically miss out on Morale, Welfare and Entertainment Programming.

With days that are anticipated to run 18+ hours, we're honored to have our warrior RANGER Hero and now Country Music Star Keni Thomas bringing along one of his Acoustic Guitars... for some evening musical fun from time to time.

More to come so stay tuned. In the mean time make sure and join us on FACEBOOK , surf around our special hero guest's websites.

Very special thanks go out to one of Ameican300's original supporters UNDER ARMOUR for coming on board to provide the Official Tour Team Uniforming and Special Gifts for our Troops.

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