The Bling Meets the Blend

Today in the middle east, X Games gold medallists; Levi LaVallee and Glenn Kafka of Team LaVallee along with Mike Schultz of BioDapt, came together on day 7 of the first ever Armed Forces Entertainment xHEAVY Medal Tour, sharing their gold medals and stories of success and passion is something they've grown comfortable with in and around our troops serving here in southwest asia.The tour, designed by the nonprofit: American300 brings great American's to the front lines to honor our American Heroes. Heroes that weardifferent uniforms, report to different commands, but all embrace the modern day Armed Forces Combined Arms Joint Service nature of battle and defense.

Many refer to this new one team approach as 'Going Purple' and while there's no snowmobile manufacturer or branch of service that sports the color it's completely apparent that the 'Blend is On'. Gone are the days of regimented separation, bases that house only one branch, global commands that are lead by single branches.

"In the 80's, we saw a huge separation in service, there was always combined arms and branch training that took place, but at the end of the day branches went their own way" says Robi Powers, volunteer board member and manager of American300 and veteran. "The rivalry's are still out there, but the underlying theme is one of total team work." he added.

As X Games Gold sparked off of multi colored and patterned uniforms today at this small remote US Naval Base, it was apparent that the One Team approach was brick and motor of the bases command.

Navy and Coast Guard troops adjusted their schedules to allow Army security guards the opportunity to meet X Games Athletes, the Army Staff Sargent in charge of guiding the group, made sure to include the Navy and Coast Guard teams in the mornings visit... simply put, X Games Gold Medals and stories weren't the only things being shared on this base to

"We've been to so many bases over the past week, this was just so cool to be able to talk it with members of the Navy, Army, Marines and Coast Guard today" said Glenn Kafka " Maybe it's a good thing that we're headed to a remote Air Force base, or I'd feel guilty for having had so much fun today." he added.

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