Wrangler National Patriot Tour Final Night

Nashville, TN- Country music artist and TV Show Host Lucas Hoge along with American300 Warrior Tours founder Robi Powers greeting hundreds of Troop supporters tonight at BB Kings in downtown Nashville. The evening organized by public affairs manager Laura Lynn and the staff at BB Kings featured a meet and greet followed by a one hour concert.

"I've been following the Tour on facebook since day one" said Brian Crabb, owner of AcePro Guitars, the manufacturer that assisted Lucas and American300 with finding the right model to have custom painted with our nations Armed Forces Branch emblems... and then signed by three of our living Medal of Honor Award recipients. " I watched in photos the first troops signatures become hundreds as the tour rolled on, every morning I'd have my laptop on with the Wrangler National Patriot Tour and drink a cup of coffee."

This follow along while "The Tour Continues...." brought Lucas and his band to this famous restaurant and performing arts stage on the opening day of the greatest outdoor gathering of music lovers in American; The Country Music Associations 'CMA FanFest 2011'. They came to not only meet, greet and thank fans for following the Armed Forces Entertainment Wrangler National Patriot Tour in the Middle East, but also to officially retire the 'Medal of Honor' AcePro guitar which had been custom painted by John Stewart. "Signed by Hundreds...Shared with Millions" was the theme of the night with opportunities for some American300 'Connectivity" to be mixed in. " We studied American300 before agreeing to put Lucas on Tour with them." said Laura Lynn, Hoge's Manager " Aside from their spotless record with the Department of Defense and great reviews from theater commanders and troopers, what we noticed was that the nonprofit is always striving for connections; connecting America with our Troops and the Troops and their families with America. The final performance for the Wrangler National Patriot Tour started off with Powers recognizing the members of Lucas' band who weren't able to come on tour.. 'but were with us every step of the way' ... as Powers 'Challenge COIN'd' each of the members with the official 'commanders' Tour Challenge COIN... " This is the big one guys, the one we gave to a very few" said Powers as he 'coin-shook' hands with guitar player; Thomas Becker, bass player Jim Bicknel, keyboard artist Zach Forbes and drummer Brian Beihl. Powers then recognized Brian Crabb of AcePro Guitars and Stacey Williams the General Manager of BB Kings along with his 'behind the scenes soldier' Laura Lynn, who has since joined American300 as the nonprofit's Tour Public Affairs Volunteer (they received Montana Silversmith Silver Wrangler National Patriot Belt Buckles) It was then time to call upon the room to welcome the guy they'd come to hear, the guy we've all fallen in love with ... LUCAS HOGE!

Lucas took the stage as the band filled the room and hearts of hundreds with the country music, wearing their pride and support for all to see the BB Kings wait staff members
moved throughout the room in their Wrangler National Patriot Tour Shirts as Lucas hooked up his guitar and joined in with his foursome "What you all are doing with these Troop Tours is just amazing, I just love the Medal of Honor Guitar and all the Troop signatures adoring it" said Country Music Entertainment executive Michelle Romeo, who like many were on hand to show their support for our nations Heroes.

With just a few songs remaining in the set, Lucas and band members took a break to allow Powers, to say a few words on behalf of the supporters of this tour. "The Wrangler Corporation wants everyone to know that beyond the board room, and Western Retailers shelves across the country, this tour represents the support of the entire Western Community, a community that has stood fast for our troops for centuries" said Powers, who then reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. After a quick speed dial he was on the phone with a special Troop Supporter, the mother who's husband is serving in the Middle East. " Jennifer can you hear me" said Powers into both his mobile phone and main stage Microphone, hey we just want you to know that you and your family have won the American300 Troop Salute Text2Win contest... you're all going to be getting a complete Wrangler Western Makeover!" the response by this mother of two was as expected... ample doses of surprise and delight "...hang on Jennifer, before I let you go can you give a shoutout to your husband, Master Sargent Michael Howell, USAF ... we've got a pile of TV cameras rolling" ... and with that Jennifer Howell, shared some words of love along with the families two children Austin and Alexia for their Hero, Husband and Father, making the night complete even from a million miles away.

No sooner had Jennifer showered love on her husband then Lucas and Band fire it up again, and they did so by recognizing the Howell's and all of our Heroes with the final playing of Lucas' song 'Medal of Honor' from the strings of the 'Medal of Honor Wrangler National Patriot Tour Guitar', after which Powers took the guitar and moved throughout the audience showing them the hundreds of signatures placed on this masterpiece; to officially start the 'Signed by Hundreds ... Shared with Millions' campaign.

TELEVISION, STRUM MAGAZINE, CMT.com, NASHVILLE MUSIC MINUTE along with the Lucas Hoge Band and the hundreds who made this very special home coming celebration possible.

For more information on the nonprofit AMERICAN300 visit: www.American300.org

To support our troops through the Wrangler National Patriot Program please join us at: www.wranglernationalpatriot.com

The troop tour was presented by the Department of Defense Armed Forces En
tertainment Office. No fund raising activities took place during the Wrangler National Patriot Troop Tour, nor do they ever occur during an of America300's partnered tours with Armed Forces Entertainment. To learn more about our DoD Armed Forces Entertainment Office visit them at: www.armedforcesentertainment.com

The Tours Continue.... Next up 'Mount Fuji Sunrise - July 4, 2011 Featuring World Renowned Climbers and members of the US Army and USMC climbing in honor of our fallen in the land of the rising sun - Japan.

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  1. Thank you all for your support of all of our military. We are all very excited about the Wrangler Makeover! (I was definitely at a loss for words upon finding out this wonderful news.)