World renowned mountaineers, Chhiring Dorje Sherpa and Dr. Eric Meyer, along with members of the US Armed Forces, will ascend Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, for a sunrise summit tribute honoring fallen heroes and the People of Japan.

“Mount Fuji is a well-known symbol of Japan and the perfect location to honor our fallen heroes during the Mount Fuji Sunrise Summit,” said Rob Powers, founder of American300.

The climbing group, lead by Dorje and Meyer, will trek near the top of the iconic peak on July 3rd to be in the ideal location for a pre-dawn ascent on July 4th. The group will summit on America’s Independence Day, taking in the sunrise from the top of one of Japan's Three Holy Mountains at 12,389 ft/3,776m. After the climb, the Ameircan300 team will participate in a motivational tour and lecture series on Everest, K2 & other major 8000-meter summits with members of the 83rd OD BN, US Army Ammunition Depot in Kare and the US Marines stationed at Camp Fuji.

“In light of the terrible disaster that struck Japan in March, 2011, and then Camp Fuji's ability to respond and provide relief support to the affected areas, this climb for me on the American Independence Day, and on a sacred symbol of national strength for the Japanese, underscores the depth of our friendship, mutual respect and commitment to persevere,” said Colonel Craig Kozeniesky, US Marine Corp, Base Commander - Camp Fuji. “I'm very excited to have the opportunity to climb Mount Fuji again especially since I'll transfer from Japan the following week. I've spent a lot of time on the mountain - in all seasons, hiking and skiing - in my one year tour here, and will miss this whole area and its people.”

In 2008, Meyer and Chhiring found themselves on K2, the world’s second highest and most dangerous mountain. When summit day finally arrived, Meyer choose to turn back due to conditions, which put him in position to be the only medical doctor on mountain when the most devastating accident in the history of K2 occurred. "We can sit down and die or we can push for Camp 4 and maybe live", said Chhiring, who ended up summiting, to a fellow Sherpa, whom he later short roped down the famous ‘Bottleneck’ section of the upper summit route in the dark.

Eric Meyer's passion for the outdoors evolved during his teenage years while backpacking and climbing in the wilderness of Montana. He has extensive climbing experience in North and South America as well as in the Himalayas, where he reached the summit of the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest in 2004 Dr. Meyer is one of the featured climbers in Graham Bowley’s new book: ‘No Way Down’ He also serves on several nonprofit medical foundations and is a Senior Medical Advisor to American300 Foundation’s Warrior Tours programming. He is considered an authority on the effects of Altitude.

Chhiring Dorje Sherpa (cheer-ing) (door-jay) is one of the most recognized high altitude climbers in the world and holds the world record for Everest summits in one session (3). Born in the small village of Beding Dolakha, Nepal, he began his mountaineering career at age 16. Dorje summited Mt Everest for the first time at age 24 via the standard North East Ridge. Since this time, he has reached the top of Everest 18 times. Chhiring has a very profound love of America and American climbers and looks forward to meeting and sharing his life’s stories with members of the US Armed Forces.

"We are excited to have two professional and well versed mountaineers visit the Marines and Sailors of Camp Fuji to celebrate on our great nation's birthday” commented Captain Kenneth Tarr, US Marine Corp, Camp Fuji. “It is historic moment and a rare opportunity to climb Mount Fuji with Chhirring and Dr. Myers to witness a sunrise on Japan's most sacred landmark; something that none of us will ever forget."

For the past three years a little known nonprofit, American300, has been sending Olympian, professional athletes and unique individuals to the front lines. American300 Foundation is not part of the U.S. government, but is recognized by the Department of Defense Office of Armed Forces Entertainment as a supporting organization. American300 Warrior Tours is the foundations U.S. Armed Forces interactive: morale, welfare and entertainment department, focused on showcasing new forms of resiliency oriented touring programs for service members stationed in: Combat, Hardship and Remote Locations, as well as the communities that they and their families live and operate in.

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  1. This is an amazing tribute to our Fallen Hero's on one of most Amazing Mountains in the World. It give me chills to think of Watching the sunrise on America's Favorite Holiday.American Independance day will have a new and special meaninf for My Daughter stationed at Camp Fuji and joining the team for the ascent and tribute to those that have gone before with courage and sacrifice. She will know doubt take all of her pride and honor with her on this climb.
    Thank you. Semper Fi
    Proud Mother of a Marine.