Undisclosed US Armed Forces Air Base Middle East- After chasing the setting sun for more then 30 hours, cowboys and cowgirls found themselves on a small air base in the middle east, their mission: ‘Rope In Resiliency‘ for American Armed Forces Members.

Roping up good times was exactly what rodeo bareback rider Kaycee Feild of Payson, Utah, had in mind. Kaycee, along with fellow pro’s served up a 'Western Hoe-down' of fun under the midnight sky full of stars on this isolated air base that supports a mission, which includes launching or accepting warplanes every hour of the day, year-round.

“Tonight brought back found memories” said Lucas Hoge, a country music artist who joined the cowboys in the middle east “ The last time I was able to put my boots in the sand with our troops was 2009... way too much time has passed, way too much has happened, it’s great to be back.”

Going the distance for the troops with a message of resiliency minded programming is what nonprofit American300, the organizers of this western themed troop tour for Armed Forces Entertainment is focused on.

“Today’s average service member has been deployed multiple times, they and their families have witnessed just about everything that war can throw at them. Our tours are focused on helping (them) come back to center, find balance and realize that they are not alone” said, US Army Major Jesse Stewart, a infantry combat veteran and founding member of the nonprofit, “by putting world class Americans with our troops and allowing them time to share their own personal stories of trials and tribulation, risk and reward, duty, dedication and sacrifice we’re able to show our service members, that in a small way, they’re not alone, others have gone before them, others can relate.”

The tour now in its second year is once again centered around Memorial Day, a day of significance for all Americans, but especially for those who wear its armed forces uniforms. “This is a week of remembrance for all of America.” says Robi Powers, manager and founding member of American300, “ To have these cowboys and girls over here is making a difference once again.” he added.

With Lucas Hoge, performing his new song “Medal of Honor” and troops joining in, the night ended the way it started... under the stars of the middle east. The Tour Continues...

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