Rising Sun - HEAVY Duty

Kure, Japan - The Armed Forces Entertainment HEAVY Medal III Team has arrived here in this small seaport town to spend time with a very special group of US Army Service Members. " We haven't had anyone visit us in at least 6 months so you guys coming is like Christmas in May for our Soldiers" said David Ricks, Kure Lodging and Club Manager to the Akizuki/83rd Ordinance Battalion - U.S. Army. " There are less then 60 US Army Soldiers Stationed here and with the relief effort we've ben tasked to, half the base is up north on any given monday... we are all so pumped to spend time with you all, thanks for coming " he added.

Arriving in Japan today had different meanings for several of the HEAVY Medal Tour members. For Mike Lane it was the first time back since having been born here over 40 years ago. While Caroline Lalive and Robi Powers spent time in conversation talking about the 1998 Nagano Olympics, which was the last time either of them were in this land of the rising sun.

The Team will set off early in the morning to meet everyone on this remote base....and in the end hopefully create connections and establish unique one on one friendships. "American300 Warrior Tours is all about going where others won't." says Powers adding " Armed Forces Entertainment's Chief; LTC Weatherspoon has been a great supporter of our desire to put these unique motivational tours in with troops who are hardship deployed around the World."

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