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When George Furse wrote the song Tomorrow, for the play 'Annie' it's safe to say that he wasn't thinking about Memorial Day. " The sun'll come out....Tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow... they'll be sun" the song of an orphan looking on the 'bright side' took the world by storm and while not played or performed all the that often anymore, is still a song that most adults can whistle the tune to, belt out a chorus or two of.

We at American300 want to remind all American's that today is a day of Remembrance, but that the sun will come out tomorrow. It's also a day that this year will be recognized by many on both the federal long weekend Monday....and the actual 31st day of May. Not to be confused with Armed Forces Day or Veterans Day, both of which are designated to honor and pay tribute to our current and past Armed Forces Members, Memorial Day was created to do just what it says - Memorialize or Commemorate our Fallen Service Members.

So over the next two days, we ask American300 supporters and so many more, to do exactly what the days title suggests. Take some time to think, reflect and don't be afraid to pray or take pause for them. If you do this you might just find that it's possible to " sweep away the cobwebs and the sorrow... till there's..." we wish we could say "none" but the reality is that there will always be a certain pain, hurt for many of us. It's how we manage it, work with it (not through it) that determines if we are able to continue living... the way our lost would have most likely wanted us to..... Be Great America... it's what they fought for....

Robi Powers and Major Jesse Stewart, co-founders American300 Foundation, for the Board, Staff and Advisory Groups - Our Volunteers. 30MAY11

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