Medal of Honor the story behind the artist, song and guitar...

When Rob Powers of American300 called to ask Lucas to join the Wrangler National Patriot Memorial Day Tour, he didn’t even get to finish his sentence. Lucas was saying yes with a huge smile on his face. “My bag is already packed for the Wrangler National Patriot tour and it’s still a few weeks away, but that’s how excited I am.

Lucas will be traveling with the beautifully hand painted AcePro guitar specially painted for this particular journey. The “Medal Of Honor” guitar was painted by John Stewart and donated to Lucas by Acepro guitars owner Brian Crabb. “Once I heard Lucas sing that song, I felt like he needed a guitar to go with it”, says Brian.

The guitar’s first stop was Pueblo, Colorado. Pueblo is the only city in America with FOUR living recipients of our Nations highest award for heroism in combat, the Medal of Honor. Lucas was asked to perform his song “Medal of Honor” at the dedication of Home of the Heroes Memorial and Walk of Valor, followed by the Center for American Values Salvatore Giunta Portrait Unveiling. Lucas met Salvatore, Drew Dix and Pete Lemon that day and then performed his song. Salvatore, Drew and Pete all autographed the guitar that will now travel with Lucas on the Wrangler National Patriot Tour.

Lucas was inspired to write the song “Medal Of Honor” after spending tree weeks in Iraq, Kuwait and Kosovo in 2009. “This tour was the greatest experience in my life and I felt so inspired to share my gratitude the only way I know how, thru music. Medal of Honor is a medal that I cannot give, but I can show my appreciation for those in the military and their families, who go above and beyond each and every day. You can't wear this song on your chest, like the real medal, but I hope you can feel it in your heart, says Lucas".

The American300 Foundation has sponsored over 1,000 download cards of Lucas’s song “Medal of Honor” which Lucas will give to the service members he meets while over seas.

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