Day 11: HEAVY Medal III is CONUS

CONUS—After two weeks of crisscrossing the Pacific visiting military bases ranging from the very large to the very small, Armed Forces Entertainment HEAVY Medal III reflected on their mission and the deep appreciation each Olympian carries for the US Armed Forces serving our country around the globe.

“It has been an incredible tour,” said two-time Olympian and 4-time National Champion Kaylin Richardson. “From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the servicemen that shared with us their stories and allowed us to get a glimpse of the sacrifices and struggles they deal with.”

HEAVY Medal III left the United States with one goal: America’s Athletes Honoring America’s Heroes - a salute to those who allow Team USA to wear the red, white and blue safely. Team USA was wheels up from the continental mainland at the end of April headed for the tiny US territory of Guam with stops at US Naval Base Guam and Anderson Air Force Base.

“With all that is going on in the world, I think most people forget how powerful a simple ‘thank you’ can be,” said Olympian and World Champ Sean Colgan. “I cherished every moment of the tour and the opportunity to personally thank each and every solider, sailor, airman, marine and their families along the way.”

After three days on the small tropical island, HEAVY Medal III journeyed to the Land of the Rising Sun-Japan. From the smallest depot of troopers in Kure to the major seaport base of Sasebo and all the way to Camp Fuji at the foot of Japan’s iconic mountain, the tour meet men and women who hailed from all parts of America.

“I had very little exposure to the military before this trip,” commented three-time Olympian and 4-time National Champion Caroline Lalive. “I have the highest respect for the honor, tradition and responsibility earned by these individuals. They often put themselves in harms way and think nothing of it, all for the good of their fellow Americans.”

Whether it was their first tour of duty or 20th, these hard-working Americans left a lasting impression on Team USA and shared a common bond-the desire to be the best and a commitment and dedication to achieve that goal. From simple meet & greet opportunities to hands-on demonstrations, the team was exposed to a wide variety of areas during the trip.

“Being able to bring a small piece of home to the men and women serving our country in these far away regions was especially gratifying,” grinned Olympic Bronze medalist Nelson Carmichael. “To be able to say thank you for their service meant a great deal more.”

HEAVY Medal III recognizes the unselfish service and patriotism that these service members show daily. The Olympians carried the utmost respect and admiration for each and every member of the Armed Forces serving around the globe. Along the way, new friends were made, stories were shared and memories of their military visits will forever connect these athletes to the men and women in our military. A simple handshake and a quiet thank you on behalf of a grateful country was the mission.

“Growing up in a military family, I understand what it is like to be stationed in far away regions and the hardships that come with that assignment,” commented Michael Lane. “The effect these Olympians had during the tour was truly amazing; and I don’t believe they will quite fully understand the impact they forged with our troops.”

Simply put, members of the US Armed Forces are America’s everyday heroes and continue to show us the best of what it means to be Americans.

“We never thought we could be so proud to be Americans,” beamed Lalive on behalf of the entire HEAVY Medal III team. “But being a part of this tour was a very special experience and something we all will remember forever.”

Next up for American300 Warrior Tours - Memorial Day Week Wrangler National Patriot Tour, Middle East. Stay with us as we continue to salute America’s Armed Forces Members... one hero at a time!

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