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After crossing the International Date Line, the HEAVY Medal III team touched down in Guam, a United States territory located in the western Pacific Ocean after a day (or was it two days) of travel to reach this island oasis. Guam is the southern most island in the Marianas Island chain and the first US outpost to greet each new day for the United States.

After a 16+ hour flight from the US mainland, the group landed in Guam, the first destination of the Tour. Met by warm ocean breezes, palm trees and a beautiful sunset, Tour members, Kaylin Richardson, Nelson Carmichael, Caroline Lalive and Michael Lane posed for a photo by the welcoming statue of the Goddess of Life at the Guam International Airport.

The four Olympians would normally be spending the month of April making their last ski turns of winter through powder snow. But with the help of American300 Warrior Tours founder, Robi Powers, Nelson Carmichael, Sean Colgan, Caroline Lalive and Kaylin Richardson have teamed up with Armed Forces Entertainment for the HEAVY Medal III Tour to say thank-you to U.S. Armed Forces and their families serving in far away Pacific locations.

Over the next few days, HEAVY Medal III will spend time with members of the US Navy, US Air Force and their dependents; usher in the Grand Opening of the Charles King Recreational Center at Navel Base Guam, tour several ships and submarines; and, act serve our troops as guest professional sports experts... they even have the tour team slated to do some event/game judging.

Tour officials will provide updates during HEAVY Medal III as America’s athletes honor America’s heroes on this military adventure. Follow the tour at the following locations:

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Don’t miss out on any of the action from HEAVY Medal III.

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